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  1. Awesome Screenshots

    Took some awesome screenshots while I was bounty hunting this morning. Im sure someone will appreciate these.   http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119740031/screenshots/?appid=359320
  2. Anyone from New Mexico?

    I live in the Albuquerque area when I'm not in school. I'd love to meet another adk member in persona and hang out with them. I would divulge personal info here obviously, but if anyone reading this is in close proximity to me, then pm me or reply to this and we will do something!
  3. Best weapon ?

    It depends on how I want to play. If I am feeling aggressive, Iike to use the F2000. If I want to stay back, I like the M40A5 with a 20X scope, laser sight, and a straight pull. Those two setups are what I run primarily, and it just depends on how I feel. Hope this helps!
  4. Kind of lost.

    Go ahead and join the teampeak channel! Wherever you are in ed, I reccomend you head to saktsak. Thats where we usually meet up and do different things. I was lost for a while too, and the guys on here really helped me out. I was in an eagle, and they got me into a fully outfitted Viper MKIV in two days. Hope to see you soon!
  5. Made it to Saktsak

    It's been a pleasure meeting you and flying with you ruin! I'm going to try to be on every day, so if you want to bounty hunt or have some fun, shoot me a wing invite. i'd love to play with ya!
  6. Is this game good?

    This game is DEFINITELY worth getting. For 15 bucks, you have the possibility of exploring 400 billions star systems. You can trade, bounty hunt, and mine if you so choose. I have yet to find a space exploration game (other than star citizen) with more content than this. It's a great game, and I hope you buy it!
  7. How much of a timesink is the game?

    In my opinion, you get what you put into this game. I hopped in and out of it for a while, and I became frustrated because I was stuck in a sidewinder, and got killed constantly. It's all about finding a group of people that do the same thing, whether its bounty hunting, mining, etc. If you join the teamspeak server, I'm sure some of the guys can help you find something enjoyable :)
  8. So...what now? [AKA Help a newbie]

    I also aggree with everybody else on here. Go ahead and join the ts server. The guys on here got me from an eagle to a fully outfitted viper mkIV in two days.
  9. shotguns...

    Not a fan of them at all. I hate being killed in one shot. I haven't used them though, so take this reply with a grain of salt. Haha
  10. video with levelcap

    I personally don't care if he edits out anything. Any type of exposure to this comminity is fine by me.
  11. I need to decide what gaming mouse to upgrade to.

    I have heard good things about the razer deathadder. It seems to be on the pricy side, but at least you know that it is high quality.
  12. Best DMR?

    I personally like the MK11 with a 4X Acog, with a red or green laser sight, and a stubby grip. For me, its extremely easy to hit headshots with this setup within about 200 meters.
  13. Late night crew

    I've found the same thing. For the most part, the server seems to die down right around the time you hop on. I'm thinking that there are some people here from Australia that could be on in that timefreame. If you get on before then and I'm on, feel free to shoot me a wing invite. I'd love to meet ya.
  14. So... i did this yesterday

    I despise people like you...lol
  15. need help getting mtar

    Hello! I have been struggling to unlock the mtar21. Its exremely difficult to get an assault rifle, sniper rifle, grenade, and lmg kill. I'd love to get some help, and meet some new people in the process. Thanks guys!

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