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  1. The Mindless One is still here

    All!   Just thought I'd drop a line, letting you all know the Mindless One is not dead or anything of the like.  Currently going through some big life changes which isn't the most forgiving for a lot of personal electronics time for me.  Things will most likely start to slow down here for me in the next few weeks, and in turn, the Mindless One will be back to the regular gaming times and participation you had all come to see from me.  I am alive and I will return to my glory.     -The Mindless One
  2. Hey everyone!

    Welcome to the Community!  Tells us more about yourself: e.g. what all games do you play? How long have you been gaming? Preferred genre?
  3. Ahh... what good times.   This past weekend my wife received a call from a "Private Number" on her cell phone, which typically she will just ignore.  Luckily enough, The Mindless One was home with the family and I was the one to see her phone ringing and answered it.  This is where the journey begins.   ***DISCLAIMER*** Please do not click on, or go to any of the following links, I am only posting them for the awareness of the community.   The man on the other end of the line introduced himself as some super generic American name, I do not recall his "name" exactly, but we will call him John.  John worked for a Microsoft partner company called "WindowsUSA".  I was excited at the get go, knowing already this is a scam.  He went on to tell me that my computer has been downloading infected files in a hidden format without my knowledge and that the Microsoft Servers have collected some of this information, hence why he was calling... to assist me with my "infected files problem" on my computer.  I started a little tooo strong at first, no doubt showing much excitement in my voice, but I showed too much computer knowledge at the start by asking him for information about MY computer, which if any "reports" on my pc were actually being sent back to Microsoft, they would most likely have data on my License number, potentially MAC address(which they'd tie to the License).  He told me that he would show me how this data has been not specifically collected my Microsoft to assist in protecting my privacy. (LoLs already). He asked me to get in-front of my computer and log in. "Happily!" I tell him - seeing as I was already at my computer, logged into my wifes cellphone account and reversing his "Private Number" call.  John then follows on telling me the keyboard shortcut for Run (c'mon dude, really? windows "flag"... call that biatch by its real name--- the " F**K YOU KEY- disabled by default on my system as a PC gamer", and "R"). I play it dumb and end up eating up over 5 minutes of his time to get Run open (apparently he knew of no other way to open it).  After I finally "figure out which key he is talking about, we get Run open and he very.... very slowly tells me to type in, letter by letter, "E" "V" "E" "N" "T" "V" "W" "R", once again playing dumb, taking about another 5 minutes alone just get to these 8 letters correct.  Event Viewer now opens and we then go through several of the log files, obviously this displays several "errors" and "warnings".  This is apparently all of the windows files specifically that are now "completely infected" and will cause my computer to crash very soon in the future.  I act super afraid, and tell him there are dozens of files that I cannot afford to lose(specifically stating to him things like; e.g. banking account username/passwords, sensitive work information, photo's of family's SSN cards, marriage cert, ect.).  John tells me not worry at all, that he can assist me in getting my computer clean and protected once again.  I thank John, with a large sigh of relief and beg him to help me any way he can.  He leads me to Internet Explorer(boo), and guides me in going to a website that will allow him to remotely "assist" in cleaning my pc ( www.bit.do/950 which leads to http://windowsusa.yolasite.com/).  Big fan of the phrasing on the "company website", "yolasite" read as - YO - LAs -Site, Nice!  I "go to" these sites (really just looking them up on who.is and beginning more of my work from there) and tell him the pages are not loading.  Here comes that pesky "windows flag key" + the "R" key, another wasted 5 minutes of getting me to understand the text of "inetcpl.cpl" (internet options).  We go through internet options, "clearing" my SSL state, making sure several communication types are checked.   I get Johns companies website to load (VM'd box) and after his instructions of clicking on a download link, I inform him that the "Download will not start".  John then directs me to the direct "link" for the download ( www.bit.do/engineer1).  On my VM'd box, I actually download it, don't run it and just inspect the coding. Too easy, just a very simple program that enables the RDP function on your box, turning it on if disabled, and loads a simple "click now to connect to a Technical Support Agent" which lets him RDP in.    All the while, in the background after ensuring this is 100% a scam(all evidence from the phone call alone pointed to this being a scam anyhow), I have not only discovered his "Private Number", but the true IP address of the hosting "server" for Johns website.  Surprise Surprise, physical location of both are in India, same as Johns SUPER heavy accent.   I let it play out for about 20 more minutes, never actually having him RDP on my actual system, nor my VM box, at this point obviously getting annoyed at all the time he's wasting, John tells me that the actions we have taken have already taken care of the "infected files", and that my computer is now protected again..... John now starts his SUPER ENTICING SALES PITCH.  1 year of full Microsoft Certified Software Technical Support for only 175! (fails to tell me what currency), 2 years for 300!, 3 years for 375, and a lifetime coverage option.  I immediately tell him I need the lifetime support option, as I have no idea how to do this without help.  -Then I begin my attack.   45 different virtualized phones, each with their own "registered phone number" begin calling Johns "Private Number", and surprisingly it only took my 3 computers and 2 buddies of mine (who we all know and consent to the use of their boxes for these uses of entertainment) to Flood the the son of a B!TCH. No new connections for you - asshole.   I can no longer understand John, as his phone is just beeping and cutting out(all the incoming calls), his website and all hosting devices are down.  Poor John hung up on me. :( I'm soo sad. I wasn't done yet. :(   ***DISCLAIMER #2*** I have since stopped my Flooding (both on the servers and his phone) so these may very well be back up at this time.  Please, once again, do not go to these sites or fall for these types of scams.  Often, after they RDP on to your box and depending on their skill, the only way to get them fully purged is a 100% format, and clean install of your OS.       Just thought I'd pass on some of the fun I had this past weekend.       Good Times -The Mindless One
  4. ADK conquest server #1

    I honestly hope we could at least try a "test phase" of the fast vehicle spawn. See how not just the ADK community responds, but the gamers who regular the server as well. I truly expect a positive result.
  5. Building of the new pc

    Hey guys, Around may I will be building a new desktop as I do about every 4 years or so. Just a quick question about windows 10 ( I do use it on my laptop, don't really like it, but don't really have too many complaints of it as of now). Anyone know how I can install win10 on a new sdd rather than on the HDD I have that's win7, asking to upgrade to win10? All my new hardware is compatible with win7 now, but typically have to flash the BIOD on the move to make it compatible. I know how to do this no prob, just curious about other routes as well. *shrug
  6. The Great Debate - Intel vs AMD

    Intel wins the high end power game hands down.  With that said, AMD does have a strong command over the Low-Mid range CPU game.  Frequently, I stare down a nice Intel CPU, telling myself I shall make it mine some day, but I personally can't justify such a high end (and grossly over-priced) gaming rig really at this point in my life.  I'd love to be that guy with a multi-thousand dollar PC, but that dream will have to wait.  In the meantime, I'll just rebuild every 4 or so years, with minor ($) upgrades every 2 years.  Only way I can justify it myself. Now on the topic of cooling - Cooling on any system, particularly a system you don't want to sound like a jet engine or Heli engine, will 100% of the time be most efficiently cooled by liquid.  With that said,  pure H2O would be decent, although not the quite ideal.  H2O is actually one hell of an insulator (for both electrical and thermal energies) and obviously we do NOT want an insulator for our cooling system. We need a great thermal conductor.  One great fit would be Crude Oil, although, if being used for purposes such as submersion this would be devastating as crude oil is terribly "dirty" and although a great thermal conductor, is quite poor at being an Electrical insulator.  Best bet would be to use some Transformer Oil within a enclosed structure.  Cycle the Transformer Oil through the system using a small drive fin (or allow thermodynamics to do their magic depending on how large of an enclosed structure you are housing).  Run this through grating similar to how your radiator on your car works, and this would all in all be a pretty decent system.  I could get into much.. much... much further detail on how to maximize this system... but i think everyone can grasp the idea here.   Biggest down fall here is if you ever wanted to do some tinkering with the physical hardware. :(  What a hell of a potential mess. EEk.
  7. ADK Scrim

    The Mindless One is down. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/mindlessidoit1
  8. ADK conquest server #1

    I've always been a fan of fast vehicle respawn in any game... although a long (normal) respawn time in hardcover makes the game even more strategic IMO.
  9. shotguns...

    I adore shotties. Big boom sticks. Make me actually wish we could just go straight fisticuffs though at times.
  10. Three kills, one arrow

    Lucky mofo. I usually roll like a 1.2/1.3 KD with the bow, but hell, a 3fer? I'm jelly.
  11. Hi there

    Welcome Brother. You're an annoying enemy on BF4, always seem to be around the corner I'm going for. Pleasure.
  12. Introduction.

    Welcome to the forums! Any other games that peak your interest other than H1Z1?
  13. Introduction thread - #4 will blow your mind.

    Nice attention grabbing Intro!  The Mindless One abides.  Good luck to you on your gaming endeavors and hope to see you around!

    I really enjoyed the event last night. Was hilarious all through out.  Hell of a celebration ADK!
  15. Battlefield 4 Hardcore Server

    I think ADK has the Non-Hardcore servers for several reasons, although i think it would be fun to occasionally have a Hard Core round or two.

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