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  1. Anyone See The Interview?

    too many big stars overlapping eachothers , i mean what was antonio doin there lol XD a mess
  2. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    i rate it 5/7 
  3. Fear the Walking dead

    heared its really nice , same world as the walking dead and from same start but different people going different paths
  4. Cookie

  5. thats exactly how i think , cuz i cant understand how her brain operates she hot tho , idc bout no brains
  6. WAZZUP! :)

    rofl dat video tho XD
  7. Taymendez intro

    thx guys for the warm welcome :)
  8. that mouse seemed hardly breathing :3 i cant see the reason for that :(
  9. Do you watch a movie twice?!?!

    i would say depending on the type , like for example Drama and plot twist can only be seen once ,since there isn't really anything else, however Comedy and romance , now i can see those 100 times and i would laugh/feel it everytime , cuz its not about the story but how the actors do it Action , oh well i dont even go there :p 
  10. I need a recomendation

    Tokyo Ghoul , u need to see that one 
  11. Have you watched.......

    i didnt complete it , just watched like 5 episodes , but it was i think a bust time for me irl ,i should get back to doin that at some time
  12. Black Desert Beta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not avaliple in my country , meh
  13. Who plays TF2

    i got it but i havent really gotten into it , planning on it tho 
  14. Attack on Titan

    if i have any comments on it i would say it finished too quick 
  15. Bleach

    just waiting on more series of the comic books , but i think i read somewhere that they wot do anymore

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