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    Architect, Level (Map) designing for games

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    Keyboard-Devastator MB24, Mouse-Devastator MS2K, Headset-Logitech G230

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  1. Battlefield 1 Achievements leak.

    Check the links in the description of the video.
  2. They say they are gonna implement the multiplayer aspect into the single player too. Not COD storyline kinda stuff. Open world and everything.
  3. http://fraghero.com/battlefield-1-single-player-campaign-details-leaked-only-contains-six-missions/
  4. Battlefield 1, A World War One

    Already bought the game. Now gonna sell my liver to get some new computer upgrades.
  5. BF5 screenshot?

    Thought the game was coming out in December. It says october over here.
  6. BF4 DICE camo

    Set a date on when you guys wanna do it :) Saturday I'm all free.
  7. BF4 DICE camo

    Right now? Add me @Naru. Let me know when you guys are ready.
  8. BF4 DICE camo

    No exactly. I did it for like 4 guys today. I did the lights, and they had the morse decoding app on their phones and they got their code
  9. BF4 DICE camo

    I do just the light puzzle. I cannot decode the morse code tho, coz i have a shitty phone. Whole thing might take 15 mins per person. depends. less time if we have 1 or 2 more to help.
  10. BF4 DICE camo

    I help random people to get the DICE LA camo when I'm free at work. If anyone here needs it, feel free to ping me. Cheers :)

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