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  1. BF3 is such a good game!~

    Battleifled 3 is a clear winner everytime. BF4 wasn't too bad, but Hardline was wank...so I stick to BF3!
  2. Yo!

    Welcome to the club... Message me if you ever want to squad up on Armoured Warfare  :D
  3. Where's everyone from!?

    Just have a look at the member map?... 
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    The Who - Pinball Wizard..old school music.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EK33CY68s1w
  5. Getting back to my normal Score on BF3

    Dude nice!!! My average is 1.6 and I play INF only servers, Mostly Metro and Noshar... Will have to squad up sometime and rain hell!!  
  6. The Great Debate - Intel vs AMD

    @[member='Skid'] And some of the largest and most complex engines in the world aren't liquid cooled. They're oil cooled, yet I don't see you running a system of oil cooling ;) Have a look at Turbofan engines, the Exhaust Temperature is cooled by bypass air before it leaves the engine. Now a decent Turbofan engine produces more BHP or thrust than anything on the road :P So bigger engines are sometimes cooled by air! 
  7. The Great Debate - Intel vs AMD

    Not every engine is liquid cooled mate, many are air cooled :P
  8. Need help with assignment

    I'd join in too, but I am no where near even starting that assignment yet haha!
  9. Count to 1,000

    One Fifty Seven
  10. The Great Debate - Intel vs AMD

    I wasn't getting my opinion based on facts but on my experience with both Intel and AMD Cores. So the FX8350 might hold the world record of OC freq. But next to experience that record doesn't mean crap. I go with what I can trust and depend on. Everyone will go with products, CPU Cores, Ram, Cooling Systems, PSU's Graphics Cards that they themselves trust... I bet if you started a thread on Air cooling vs. Water cooling, that threat would be a very interesting opinions game instead a numbers game...
  11. Which one of these Gaming PCs should i get

    I would suggest Overclockers.. it's a UK business that specializes in gaming. You buy the parts and they'll build it for you..they might do overseas shipping so you might want to check it out... Overclockers UK
  12. Favorite Soundtrack?

    Anything by Hanz Zimmer...he does the most amazing soundtracks and backing music for games and films
  13. To those still interested playing BF3

    I'm with HomeShadow...already ready and willing to play BF3!!!
  14. Movies 2016

    Now that we're into the new year and all of the release titles have been confimed for this year. Which are you most looking forward too? Mine is has to be Suicide Squad...great list of actors, great storyline..and the trailers look amazing for it!
  15. The Great Debate - Intel vs AMD

    I would rather pay that little extra for a good intel core. Better overclocking, better compatibility with other hardware/software, better multi-process handling... Just overall a better quality of processor.

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