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  1. Battle.net ID Tags

    Please feel free to add me. I play most blizzard games. Lithicus#1245
  2. Thoughts on Game - So Far

    I have been a blizzard enthusiast since Warcraft 2. I have played every game and expansion. Blizzard has always provided decent lore and storyline for their games. However, after they merged with Activision, the gameplay in alot of games and the storylines began to suffer. Wow for instance was repeatedly watered down until what it is today. As for Overwatch, it comes as no surprise that there is no storyline. Activision puts out alot of games with weak stories. As for gameplay, the game can be intense. I would say it is like playing team fortress. You have 21 different heroes with different abilities and roles. You can use the same character on a team as often as you want. I saw a game last night with 4 reinhardts which is a shield tank that uses a hammer for a weapon. The game significantly improved since beta. I recommend anyone give it a shot, but don't expect a rich storyline.
  3. I would like to start a thread to allow users to post things they found hilarious or impressive in Ark. This can range from pictures to stories. Anything you feel would help cheer up some players. It would help to show some on the fence about getting Ark to get a taste of what life is like for us survivors. For my submissions, I would like to showcase a pal of mine riding in a ship getting a face full of fire and my first baby bird in the hatchery i built this week.
  4. How long can you play ARK?

    I was putting in 14 hours a day on my days off. One days I worked only 3 to 4.
  5. wierdest experience on ark?

    A friend was helping me tame a quetzcoatl in a super dangerous area of swamp. I built walls around where it was taming. My friend went afk and wasn't feeding it while I was building walls. The creature took off. My friend came back and I picked him up with an argent. We flew behind it. The game glitches and transported my friend inside a random cave where he was mauled by spiders. Needless to say, I still have never tamed a quetz.
  6. Guest Pass Request/Giving thread!

    If any kind soul would be willing to offer me a guest pass. I would certainly appreciate it.
  7. Hey

    I am new to the server and this community. I found out about the server through a list of Ark Servers. I did notice some things that discouraged me. I almost left for another server. I saw that the rules prohibit land grabbing. This is something I liked this aspect. However, I have seen places where this is present. It was difficult to find a place to build a house on the beach. This is where most new players build. I ended up building on Carnivore Island. I am a veteran player, so Carnivore Island does not bother me. I did notice people are building water pens on the rivers. This is making it impossible to traverse rivers. Because I live on a island, I have to transport dinosaurs back to my island by raft so it makes it impossible to do this with river water pens shutting me out. I'm not complaining per say, I can work around the issued but others may not. I apologize in advance if this is not the place to voice these concerns. I only wished to comment on the low numbers mentioned.
  8. Grand Opening of ARK-MART

    What is the currency?
  9. New to the community

    Hello everyone, my name is Joshua. I'm 31 (old I know) year old living in Virginia. I'd consider myself an old school gamer. I grew up with all the old consoles. After Playstation one I switched over to mostly pc gaming. I beta test alot of games. For example, I've tested rift, warhammer, most of thr blizzard games and xpacs, final fantasy XI and XV, ect. Currently, I play mostly Ark, Survival Evolved, League of Legends, Hearthstone, and World of Warships. Outside of gaming, I work in IT. I'm a super taster, fisherman, and enjoy music (audiophile). Hmm, I'm single and have a beagle dalmation mix. That's me in a nutshell. I found this community when I was google searching for ark servers. I prefer pve on ark.and found this group as a top search result. I want to say thank you for having me. If you have any questions, just ask.

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