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  1. Count to 1,000

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  4. Count to 1,000

    Yep. That's what I did. Redaction redacted. Lol
  5. Count to 1,000

    Ok 24 hrs required then. I redact my previous number.
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    . My previous post was from yesterday for me. May not have been exactly 24 hrs. But I slept. So I posted.
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    Dammit. Didn't see that, you're right. Nice one.
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    Check again @[member='Naru'] We are right. 202
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  15. Whats this game even about?

    So far, the games "story" has not really been released or talked about much. All you know is that you wake up on this weird island and have to survive by building and defending against dinos. You can even tame a large quantity of them. Once you start playing you will notice this three obelisks in the sky. They look alien... definitely not (modern) man-made. With that in mind, many people speculate we were put on this island as a kind of test from some kind of alien race. Thumbs up for a "Most Dangerous Game" style of gameplay. I would definitely like to see this build into the lore.

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