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  1. https://youtu.be/QkQ3aM9JGBk
  2. Fallout 4 Vault-Tec Prank Calls

    I found this video while on a youtube rampage. Anywho enjoy .    http://www.dorkly.com/post/77203/fallout-4-prank-call
  3. The Shows I have watched so far in order from the best going down. There is no reason that these TV shows are bad just that there are better ones. If you have the time please watch everything on this list you will not be let down. If you have any suggestions that are not ont he list please let me know for I am looking for something new.   1) Sons of Anarchy (Perfect blend of Action, HolyShit, HeartBreak moments)   2) Game of Thrones   3) Breaking Bad   4) The Walking Dead   5) Dexter   6) BoardWalk Empire (Currently Watching)    
  4. Anyone going to Pax East?

    Hey Im planning to do my first Pax East Visit. Anybody going from ADK would be willing to meet up and hangout
  5. I Am Moxy, Do you have any?

    Thanks guys, Im looking forward to meet and game with you guys. 
  6. Noobie of the Noobs.

    Have you tried Blade and Soul that game looks boss
  7. Hey My name is Moxy. I am a gamer and streamer looking forward to bring something special to ADK. The games that I play mainly are CSGO and H1z1 however I am open to all new games. I used to be in the competitive scene in games like Quake (was on the same team as Fatality) , Unreal Tournament, F.E.A.R (Top 10 NA Teams), COD 4 (Cal-IM and Cevo-O), CS:Source (CAL-IM) , Bad Company 2 ( Third Place in New Egg Tournament) and now looking to be a part of your CS:GO Teams.

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