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  1. ADK Membership Requirement Changes

    SO what about those of us who monthly contribute to the community? I have previously stated that I play in multiple community games and wear the Clan Tags proudly but I prefer not to be in discord. I have been a Gold Member for over a year and to be told that I am going to be required to be in Discord is disheartening to me. I am a Vet who does not like to be in a room with more than a few people at a time so being in a voice chat channel with multiple people is not something I am wanting to do. So if I am going to be required to do these things or lose my status as a member, which was never changed after 90 days of Gold Membership, I will have to move on.
  2. What's Your Gaming Rig?

    I got bored this weekend again mine a facelift Sent from my Pixel using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  3. Metro #7 !!!!!

    Just noticed this sad days for all that was my favorite server and as a active donor makes me sad as BF1 is still not as good as 4. Like the day I found out BF2 was going o be shut down do to GameSpy.
  4. Civilization VI Giveaway!

    August 18 1227 Genghis Khan Dies
  5. BF1 PC upgrades!

    No need to upgrade system is still a beast after 2 years 6 core 4930 with titan x and 4 ssd ranging from 1TB to 250GB and 32gb ram should be good since I played the alpha and beta on my laptop
  6. BAN GUNS IN METRO !!!!!!!

    Aren't shotguns meant for close quarters combat? I think snipers are the worst than the shotguns on that map. I constantly use a shotgun or DMR on that map depending on where my team has progressed. The hardest thing about that map is the campers who won't push. Earlier we had both the lockers and the lower elevator room and had their team in a crossfire but the guys in the lockers just wouldn't push. If your going to play that server you hav to learn to be patient and that the round could shift at anytime.
  7. Banning bipods!

    I understand the exploit but I have never been in a position where a person could not be killed while in that position. The biggest reason most people bitch about bipods is that it stabalizes the LMG for rapid fire. Not the exploit and guys camp the varies funnels and get a mass amount of kills.
  8. Banning bipods!

    You know whats worse than bipods a bunny hopper......But no one cares and they are just bitching about bipods.
  9. Banning bipods!

    I use bipod for DMR and Sniper Rifles so it will affect how I play. If a team works together they can be overcome. If you know there is a guy with a LMG and Bipod stop running in front of him or find a way to kill him. Personally I feel there are enough servers that ban these but do allow explosives so why chnage what brought me to your server in the first place.
  10. PC or Console?

    Another one of these ironically I would have to saw like everyone else PC is the way to go. I can't play a FPS in a console and don't get how anyone can.
  11. So... i did this yesterday

    LOL that is great I understand the accidental killing of the enemy I have done it as well happened on Metro a few time to me. THe one that gets me is the knifer who runs by three of your teammates just to knife you and then keep knifing everyone else...Do people just not pay attention.
  12. Alrighty

    Admins are always going to et crap for the general players... First off they are constantly trying to play and keep the game going and second they can and sometimes have too intervene in the way the round is going...I.E. kicking or punishing players for misconduct...The only reasonable response to admin abuse is not to play into and play.   There is always going to idiots and haters around if you let it get personal then it ruins the game.
  13. I Am Moxy, Do you have any?

    Welcome hope to game with you soon
  14. FarMonkey in the house

    I am ussually on the Metro no explosives server and play numerous hours a week
  15. Who I am right now

    Enjoy your stay

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