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  1. Cant Wait to hopefully get into some of that action on the H1Z1 server and if anyone know when it will be open for applications again please tell me

  2. How to play Garen/ a better champion

    thanks for the advice
  3. How to play Garen/ a better champion

    Oh sorry
  4. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to inform me on how to play garen well i have lots of trouble getting anything accomplished with him because every other character is so much faster
  5. shotguns...

    In my oppinion shotguns in battlefield do have a a purpose to fullfill and tha is short range combat at any distnce over 20 meter an assault rifle wil slaughter a shotgun because in close range most likely all your pelets will hit your target but at long range it not so likely
  6. Windows 10

    The major thing for me was that windows 10 does not have the huge backdrop bullshit like 8 its similar enough to 7 which is what i upgraded from
  7. Whats the best true 7.1 headset out their?

    In my opinion Logitech G930's are amazing for surround I dont think they make them anymore i might be wrong but they are a wireless battery headset and the battery on my pair lasts roughly 11 hours this is my second pair of them after my first one sadly broke after 5 years
  8. Who can type without looking

    I took a class on keyboarding in  middle school to learn to type without looking at the keyboard but eventually you become so good at looking at the keyboard and typing nothing can change you
  9. Simply WOW.

    Something like this in my eyes does not seem like it will take off. I dont see much practicality in competitive VR gaming and things like that because of frame rate issues and from the personal experience of almost puking from VR
  10. Hell my name is Nolan

    Hello my name is Nolan or you can find me in the teamspeak servers as gloriousdixon or dixon. Recently ive been playing league of legends but some of my favorite games are rust, DayZ and war thunder. One of my favorite things to do when im not online is fly model planes ive always been interested in flight since i could walk and maybe one day i will become a commercial airlines pilot 

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