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  1. Hey guys!   I was introduced to this community by @[member='Miki'] and @[member='A NORMAL GOAT'] (thanks c:). I'm mostly a casual gamer. I currently play League of Legends (aram), a lot of Counter Strike: Global Offensive and a bunch of other games that I can play with friends c: Willing to try new games and make new friends! I used to play a now dead game called Soldier Front 2 at a competitive level, so if you've ever played that game, let's remember the fun days together. I also live in Quebec so feel free to speak french with me if you want! I can also speak Korean.   Woo
  2. Hey (I'm) Haseyo, you'

    @[member='n0vember'] Thanks! Of couse, you can add me on steam
  3. Hey (I'm) Haseyo, you'

    @[member='Helvi'] Thank you! Sure!
  4. Hey (I'm) Miki, you'

    Welcome Miki!
  5. Hey (I'm) Haseyo, you'

    @[member='A NORMAL GOAT'] Thank you!
  6. Hey (I'm) Haseyo, you'

    @[member='Miki'] Thank you!

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