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  1. Hey there

    @[member='AeonPDX'] I hope you enjoy your time in ADK and welcome!
  2. Awesome 10 man. @[member='Viper'] next time you sub maybe not pick up someone who should be playing on Fnatic...
  3. @[member='Cultural Parasite'] Welcome to ADK. Enjoy the stay here.
  4. Meet your daddy

    @µTorrent™๑ﭥ  Welcome to ADK!
  5. And THIS, is how I met your mother.

    @[member='BobSagetSR']  Welcome to ADK.
  6. Hey, I'm Scout. I'm New Here.

    @[member='CynicalScout'] Welcome to ADK
  7. Hello ADK!

    @[member='B0nk'] Welcome to ADK man!
  8. Hey ADK Community! ~ Intro application

    @[member='Kriln'] Welcome my Canadian brother! Hope you enjoy your stay and if you need anything hit me up on Teamspeak. I am usually in the CS:GO Section.
  9. Greetings from AttomicFizz

    @[member='AttomicFizz'] Welcome to ADK my fellow Canadian!
  10. Hey Guys

    @[member='DscrdDrconequus'] Welcome to ADK!
  11. Hello, I am Red

    @[member='Redefined'] Welcome to ADK friend. Enjoy your time here!
  12. Hey peoples

    Welcome to ADK friend :)
  13. Relix's Intro

    Welcome to ADK friend!
  14. hey

    Welcome to ADK!

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