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    Mxa Dark Knight

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    ASUS 5170-A
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    i7 6700k 4.0ghz (overclocked to 4.9)
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    32gb DDR4
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    128gb ssd 4tb sshd 4tb hdd
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    3x ACER 24 inch LED
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    Thurstmaster X, Logitech g13 gameboard, Logitech G710 Keyboard, Logitech G502 Mouse, Astro A50, Turtle Beach XP 7
  1. Aegis Community Goals

    what up gentleman! when do you guys get on and play usually? looking to get back into elite havent played in a while.
  2. 4/29/17 Update

    Hello! my motherboard crapped out on me and I basically rebuilt my computer. That's why i haven't been able to join you guys sooner. I am back up an running. I added you as a friend in game and I am currently en route to 46 Eridani. I should be available on april 29 if i read that correctly its 14:00 est. Darkknight2912
  3. Where are we going ?

    What up guys! Everything you posted sounds good. I have been off and on with elite mostly because I have no one to play with and it gets boring. I recently got a new laptop that's vr capable so I am going to have much more flexibility to play where ever I want instead of being tied to my desktop with the vr (I travel a lot). I was looking for people to play with even in others communities since January with no luck really. Let me know when u guys are available. I'm usually on after 9pm est. Are we still using discord?
  4. This Week's Community Goals

    Yo man, when are you and everyone else usually playing elite? I'm free most evenings after 9pm est. R u using discord also? Let me know so we can meet up and try to figure some stuff out
  5. INARA Wing

    whats up! I am patiently waiting for the 2.3 patch to come out of beta. I am interested in getting our wing up and running again as well. My commander name is Cmdr Darkknight2912
  6. Faction growth

    what up guys? are you still playing been trying to get back into elite using my occulus all my ships in saktasak.
  7. Star Citizen Username/Handles Addlist 2947 (2017)

    What up boys! Looking to start playing this game finally. Hopefully can learn the ropes of this one. My handle for star citizen is: Darkknight2912 looking to play any nights after 9pm est. Are you guys still using discord?
  8. Joining the Star Citizen Team

    What up guys! I will be updating my game when I get home and logging in tonight since ppl are actually playing it now. Does anyone know if they have released any support for the occulus?
  9. Relic/Book Scroll times

    I now have four scrolls and my guy is fishing, i should have five my the end of the day.
  10. NODE WARS: Fort is going up!

    I will as soon as i redownload the game it got corrupted somehow on my laptop.
  11. Relic/Book Scroll times

    I have almost three scrolls, I would be willing to buy the rest to make 5, also fishing right now for some more. Im available in the evenings after 8pm est
  12. TrackIR v TrackNOir ?

    I pre-ordered the occulus rift. I dont think that $599 is over priced. to me its like buying a new gaming console. its most likely never going to be anywhere below that price if the vr company wants to make any sort of profit. Also, I dont have the space for full room vr so this was the best available option in my opinion after researching them all.
  13. The scrubbiest Cookbook

    yea it takes an hour to make it and the materials are wasted then so  i agree much better to buy it
  14. The scrubbiest Cookbook

    lmao how many cooking stations u need?
  15. Ahh no wonder i couldn't claim any of my stuff last night. 

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