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  1. Powerball Anyone?

    I got two tickets, if I do win, I am buying my parents a new house, my sister a new car for her budding family, a house for my brother's family and my oldest brother some cash because he is a loner, then I will buy a condo in the Chicago loop and take up investing. reason why is that the stae don't allow lotto winners to be anonymous and I am sure I will get unwelcome guest.
  2. Super Bowl

    I know this is halfway though the playoffs but I think it's going to end up panthers and broncos. with panthers winning it all, with cam winning superbowl MVP.
  3. Chicago cubs

    It's ok, I remember when the cubs picked up Milton Bradley, one of the worst players to dawn a cubs hat and that is saying something.
  4. Levelingen & gearing proces

    @[member='Mukugrim']   I do agree with you on wow, I am currently playing wow on my off time and the current expansion  is worse then cata or panda, it heavly time gated and nothing to do at 100, it the reason why the game is now at 5 million subs.   with Wildstar it helps the game is made this decade. I still think hardcore mmo is a niche but it better then what wow did in warloads.
  5. Geetings from Visadin

    Well as the title said my IGN is Visadin, I am From Chicago IL, And I been gaming since my family brought a NES back in 1990. I am 28 years old and less then a month away from 29, on my 16th birthday I got my first computer, it was a POS but it ran games fine, in 2003 I played star wars galaxies and that where I meet blastsheild and we been good friends since, he recommended me to this guild and now I feel I am ready to join.   on the PC I play MMO's mainly, wow, gw2, wildstar, and swtor is what I rotate though mainly, I also play some of blizzard non mmo games like diablo and heroes of the storm, I did play league of legends for a bit but never found a good group.   for console this may give me loser points but I am a big Nintendo fanboy, I enjoy smash bros, Zelda, Mario, xenoblade and all of the other cute and colorful Nintendo games. i also enjoy classic style RPG's, brawlers like street of rage, and mass effect.   and that should be good to break the ice and I am happy I am apart of this community.

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