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  1. Won't beable to game for 10days or more..... only have one functioning hand atm :/ but ill be in ts just to talk and leave myy guyy in servers but i wont beable to move......

  2. My Origin is currently down!?!

    Repairing my game seemed to fix my friends... haven't tried gaming yet :P
  3. :P Wont show me my friends hasn't for 2 days..... wont let me play bf4...       ( Well fixed one thing got my friends showing again had to run a repair on the game..) Game should work now...   And can I get a platoon invite?? o.o It don't give me an option to browse//search platoons.
  4. Didnt see anything for DayZ

    Buu any way this is funny..... So me and myy BF his brother and a few others had a base set up on a server. Had 4/5 big tents/car ports.... and 4 little tents and 7 barrels... some one came acrossed and jacked everything ..... except my 2 lil tents i hid lool all myy stuuff is still there :P   But any way! So I decided I was going to rrun a bit to see if they just moved it some where else near by... ha   Came almost to the end of the map running through some trees and was like ( to my bf watching me play)) this is like the prefect spot for a base lol run a lil bit more find all of our shit and then some lmao.! lol who needs a tracker when you got me :P   ( now the hard part.... Stealing it all back ) hahhahaha :P
  5. Hey Whats up?

    been wanting to get that but havent yet :P
  6. Rocket League Teamwork

    Looks like "how" i try and play o.o  lool
  7. Do you watch a movie twice?!?!

    lol I can watch the same movies a 10000 times and never get tired of it.  Like Nightmare on Elm St... Seen every single one at least 30//40 times each and can still watch them again.. idk why but i llove my horror films :)
  8. Favorite soda/pop?

    Dr. Pepper or pepsi  :P
  9. What do you like?

    This is pretty much what im into :P     https://youtu.be/6AVRCQBc59w  
  10. Favorite music?

    Rock//metal/deathcore///hardcore......  not rlly a hip hop R&b / rap person lol.. Ill listen to a few old old songs. and country i love some country when im cleaning lool
  11. For the metal/dubstep fans

    i like it. not bad. kinda like some of the music i already listen to
  12. For the metal peeps.....

    wow i love this xD and i listen to a lot of metal and deathcore /hardcore and go to sites and listen/share music of this type and i never heard of these guys :P
  13. If you could only have ONE meal, what would it be?

    My home made beef or pork soup / casserole   Make my soup with beef or pork. ( green beans ,corn onions and whatever spices i feel like atm... )  cook all of that with tomato soup.... thicken it.   put in casserole dish.....   Make up a small box of corn bread ( put over top of soup ) bake for 30/40 mins..... most awesome thing ive ever made lol
  14. Spicy vs Non Spicy Foods?

    I agree I have to have sriracha on everything ::P
  15. I was looking at the toy   rofll LOL wow  but yeah that other thing is awesome as well

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