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  1. Ark still Relevent?

    Well I just wanted to see what has happened to ark, I haven't seen any new information about servers or a moded server. I will hopefully be getting a better server and I got a new roommate who would like to play with other people. So yeah just wanted to see what was happening.. oh yeah I'm back from the land of college, for now. I'm taking a creative writing course, I'm streaming my 3d modeling and art on twitch. I stream Tuesday and Thursday around 7pm Mountain Standard Time. So yeah with that out of the way I'm still trying to see how I can get my demon carno mod set up as I'm finished building it now. Edited by dowin ... Advertising twitch is not allowed. If you want to know his twitch info please send him a pm an he will send you his info.
  2. Well I am not back yet, got a temporary job and saving money to take some art courses to learn and relearn somethings. So if anyone has time just to go to by my base and feed my Dino's. I am sorry for asking this again but I don't have a computer right now cause I am staying in town to do the job. I will let you know when I am back on! 

  3. Ark Mart Rules

    Well just got back on today to find no store.. I still have my chests in my base on the stone floor but i thought they would despawn the same time the wooden buildigns parts would? Did they fix the update for that or do i just need to reset steam? I am missing alot of stone buildigns parts and wooden buildings. I am very confused on this matter. I didnt see anythign in the update notes for ark about fixing the despawn thing at all?
  4. Finnaly got on today... only to find my room and some stone walls missing in my place... did they fix the demolish thing or did they just despawn? cause i still have my large wooden chests. I am confused now..

  5. HI im Vendrix or Vendrix Blade

    Nice to see you on here.. .though I had to help you set everything up. You do need to open up a bit more Vendrix. But good start so far.
  6. Miss everyone and miss playing on ark. Still having problems with Internet. 



  7. May have found a solution to my crappy Internet...  Going to try it later.... Hope it works..


  8. No internet at home for me... (Changed providers and thought it was better service.. Except for my computer... So hopefully when I get paid I can get the old Internet back. Hope that I can get back on ark soon... TT.=.TT

  9. Ark Mart Rules

    Yes i was trying ot get across that but i hope everyone does agree with the ADK rules! I just have personal rules that i can bend while i run my ingame store. ADK doesnt sponser this but I hope this makes the game more fun to play!
  10. Ark Mart Rules

    These are the rules for the in game store Ark-Mart. 1. No Stealing! 2. This store is run on a trust base system! Please don't abuse this! 3. For any Pre-order Dino hatching and Fertilized Dino eggs, Place note, your specimen implant and payment into marked chest. 4. Please Note that Owner isn't running store all the time! So please do not harass him/Me! 5. There is a special Membership that includes discounts and special deals for more info please go to bottom of post. 6. Hatchlings are very delicate and aggravate very easily. So please don't yell or throw items at them! 7. Breaking any rules will be determined for punishment by Ark-mart owner(me). 8. Please be aware when Ark-mart owner is raising hatchlings to Juvenal stage, Store will be closed until growth is complete. 9. Trading items such as blueprints for store products will be considered. 10. Ark-Mart Store is Neutral Ground or Peace Zone! 11. Any lose of trades in store that aren't done by or with Ark-Mart Owner Is at your own risk! 12. No Fighting in store! Any New Rules will be added to this post! To have special Membership for Ark-mart please give 1 specimen implant, either 25 bug repellent/or/ 1 Artifact (Any other items that could be used as payment will be posted later)
  11. wierdest experience on ark?

    Started ark for the first time with a communtie... you know that opening animation sequance you get when you start in a new server... well apparently i spawned right in the middle of a dilo pack. All i saw was red. sad thing is i died before the opening animation was done... i respawnd only a few feet away and ran like hell... lost the dilo.. but didnt see the carno coming at all.. that was the first 5 minutes of my experiance witha community server... good thing that didnt happen when i joined adk...
  12. no interent... fear for dinos

  13. Grand Opening of ARK-MART

    yes it is but because of the sever wipe i will need to rebuild the store and restock it... the currency was listed in the store by dino and the difficultyu of catchign and breeding them... some dinos are easeir to breed than others... oncce i get teh store back up in the orginal location then i will hopfully have more news... sorry
  14. Grand Opening of ARK-MART

    Here are some pictures of the store: https://gyazo.com/6fea3ebd755e87ea25490626504307cb https://gyazo.com/18a8c8c3cd2f0875ea6e1f78b9e04cf0 https://gyazo.com/3099c3d37b540ded79a00802cf1d0ba1 https://gyazo.com/d99c8d6f3a2fcc11c0883d00987d7041 https://gyazo.com/03de9c35bde71b181667273e462331db

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