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  1. Hey Guys Thxz here

    Hey guys I havent made a post in a while thought i might share a video from  2014 on my smurf account Enjoy ~ Thxz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edYKxfoKXpk
  2. Eloa Online

    Im Thxz in Teamspeak and i currently have finaly become an adk member :D so Look for the ADK THXZ Tag :D
  3. Eloa Online

    my Ign is Thx :D And There are only 2 servers US and EU Im Currently on the US Server :D
  4.                                    ELOA ONLINE            Eloa Stands for Elite Lords Of Alliance. It is a Sandbox mmorpg that involves a lot of quests and a hole lot of skill mechanics . I have only been playing a few days now and it is really pulling me in.  There are a lot of team activity's along with a lot of Timed Dimensional Dungeons.( That Are Really Fun) This is defiantly a team based game. I mean you can Solo it if you learn your Character And Figure out a way how to kite.  It Takes a lot Of Skill and a lot Of Healing potions to do just one map fragment.The Map is Divided into sections for levels. You clear level 1-12 in 2-3 hours then maybe after that 4-5 hours per map fragment. Max level is Only 40 and Only one out of about 10 of the world map are unlocked. There are 4 races and 5 classes. This game Is definitely worth the time pvp(player vs player) is looking awesome i am not quite to it yet  but like i said max is only 40. you right click to move and left click to attack with a fixed camera view as well. If you are interested in trying the game Download it and check it out. Me and a few people In the Community play and we are  recruiting for the community in game.  me and Another person also Created a guild named code so if u want in  and like the game your welcome to join :D. http://eloa.webzen.com/en/landing/intro1  my IGN IS Thx MSG ME !  HEre is a video i made With Just  Some Quick Information on the game, https://youtu.be/hTgfnB_NqIQ
  5. hey guys been playing this game for a long time Though you might like to try it PM me  In game if YOu Try it out` www.Justac.net Thxz~
  6. ADK Top 5 Plays of the week.

    ya this is an awesome idea im pumped time to start getting out the footage :D OF my bROnze Five Game Play !
  7. Dose Anyone Else Like CLG :D

    he Would SAY THAT BUT Seriously Dude :D ~ Nice Opinion Of him Brah    Btw Bonfire Im a big Double Lift fan>~  Hes a Role Model ADC
  8. I bought kindred , Kalista and pulsfire ezreal :D
  9. League of Legends Active Members List

    Awesome thanks guys!
  10. League of Legends Active Members List

    Yes my leauge of legends summoner name is Thxz
  11. Hey i'm looking for a serious rank duo teammate

    Hello im ranked bronze 3 and am looking for a support duo partner at the moment awell Hit Me Up Add SUmmoner name Thxz GUYS !>
  12. New Champion?!

    I AM straight up Pumped For This Guy To Come Out Into Some Awesome League GAME PLAY!>
  13. League of Legends Active Members List

    How do I get Added To The List Of Awsome :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. DUDE DOSE ANYTHING THInk THIS VIDEO IS SO AWSOME LOL>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://youtu.be/7hg7-2hbMI4  YES OR NO !>
  15. LoL community I neep help

    Hey Jmess Add me Up bro my Summoner Name Is Thxz     :D Lets Game Homels.

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