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  1. Hello, introducing myself.

  2. whats up my names dylan

    See you in tavi
  3. Isaysay123er Introductioin

    See you in arma and bf4! Carry your anti air >:D
  4. I'm Hipster Hampster

    see you in arma
  5. Whaddafuxup!?

    Welcome to adk enjoy your stay
  6. Hello, introducing myself.

    See you on the battlefield
  7. New member in ADK

    Welcome mate see you on the battlefield i hope you carry your stingers
  8. Ey b0ss I'm striiker

    Welcome to ADK hail chin chin b0ss
  9. I sell frags and frag accessories.

    Welcome to ADK mate
  10. Hello ADK

    Welcome to ADK mate enjoy your stay
  11. Hi there!

    I just finished my member apply :) im gonna try to join your Battlefield 4 competative team aswell 

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