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  1. Good Morning - Signing in

    @ Greenshaw
  2. Good Morning - Signing in

    Im a Gold Nova 1 now in CSGO
  3. Good Morning - Signing in

    Not really into, never played only watch games.
  4. Good Morning - Signing in

    ArmA 3 mostly. But getting into CSGO now.
  5. DumbBoot,   -Born in Florida -20 -Active Duty Marine  >LCpl of Marines  >0311 Riflemen Infantry  >8152 Security Forces -Based in Washington State -I guard the shit that kills millions (Nukes)   Games:  >ArmA 3   -Mil-sim   -Takistan Life   -Zues/VTS Missions   >CSGO  >SQUAD  >Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege  >Battlefield 3 ( Imthebest)  >StarWars Battlefront 3   Those are pretty much the only games im interested in at the moment.   -Bio Im a team-based player. There's a time and place to screw around but if you ruin a good game or round by messing around, get the hell out of here. Im easy to get along with as long as you're not annoying. But hey im here, lets be friends.    

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