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  1. Leaving ADK

    Late on This one It was nice knowing you Exstoerm!
  2. new people for overwatch

    Im the best there ever was idk what this has to do with this conversation though
  3. Anyone playing in 2017?

    No one plays this.
  4. I'm glad we got the guys from NRG to play on our accounts!
  5. Who is better to one trick

    I'd recommend Lucio / Zen, maybe even Ana if dive becomes less popular or triple tank returns. I don't recommend Mercy, what so ever. Lucio and Zen teach you positioning, ult use timings and aim compared to mercy who is pretty much a one-dimensional character who doesn't have skills that really translate to other heroes.
  6. Overwatch UGC A Team Signups!

    Battle.net ID: Hot#11954 Current SR and Season High: 3500 / 4k Best Heroes: (Please include any non-tanks as well) Pharah/Soldier/Genji/McCree/Hog/D.Va/Winston/Rein ~ Learning Zarya Do you agree to be available for the nights required? Yes If you do not get a main spot, would you be interested in being a substitute? Sure Are you able to stream? (Not required, however it'd be awesome!) No
  7. Boss Battle 2.0

    I guess I'll show up
  8. Overwatch training? What does everyone think

    I am more then happy to review peoples VoD and give critiques to their game if needed. Just send me on forums or discord a link to it and i'll analyze it.
  9. Just Another John

    Welcome John!
  10. Intro

    Welcome bllsdeep
  11. New guy

  12. yo

    1. Hot
    2. KernalSpicyWeiner


      wuts ur discord name?


    3. KernalSpicyWeiner


      ah... i see your ign in ur info. ill get you ur tag rn



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