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  1. Sniper's

    LOL I wish it was a one shot anywhere. No its usually at least 75 damage if you hit the chest or higher, Headshots are always instant kill
  2. Sniper's

    I use bow for all my sniping needs pretty much
  3. Please investigate !!!

    I'm tired of NamesJeh 70-3 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/770824854043610304/514355842/ 114-15 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/770748349410168000/514355842/ 107-26 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/770647212543743232/514355842/ 74-16 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/770629668936118912/514355842/ 156-29 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/770388722469915584/514355842/ 142-14 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/770376474015910848/514355842/ plenty more where that came from
  4. Suspicious, what do you think?

    Only thing i see suspicious here is a n00b with a bow @bumbleclotz
  5. Incessant Whining about SKSers

    If I can out gun a person with an aek or a short with my bow you can do it with your sks...
  6. XM25 Smoke is OP!

    Post is a joke, I like killing with guns not made to be killed with.
  7. XM25 Smoke is OP!

    Clips I put together from playing with the XM25 smoke launcher last night in #5 TDM
  8. Incessant Whining about SKSers

    I like my bow more than those fancy guns so yes, I like to make it significantly harder on myself. Its a 3 year old game with a bunch of people trying to maintain their 5.0 KD but i don't see the point. I use the bow because its so friggin fun and even after 17.5k kills, Every kill seems rewarding in its own way. I'm aware that I have the ability to run around and mow people down with an AEK or UTS or sit back and spam a choke point with an SKS and go 200-13 in a game but wheres the fun in that. I just see it as stat padding. Congrats you have a 5.0 KD in an almost 4 year old game. Rant over *Edit this post is not directed at you coyote, rather at the people who frequent #7 With the frame of mind that they need to kill farm as many people and get the highest KD possible*
  9. Finally hit 15k

  10. Finally hit 15k

    Should probably just get gud m8........... But serious just use M40A5 and kill them XD
  11. My New Baby

    Upper is a TBRC: https://tbrci.com/product/tbrc-upper-reciever-prime/ Lower is a PSA: http://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-blemished-safe-fire-lower.html Barrel is a BA: http://ballisticadvantage.com/16-inch-556-gov-pencil-midlength-cmv-modern-barrel.html Muzzle device is something I picked up at a gun show, not sure who makes it.
  12. lilredman3

    Welcome! I mainly play Battlefield with your dad, so I hope to see you on soon!
  13. How I Practice With The Bow

    I put together a little video that shows what I do to practice with the bow every day(ish) EDIT: Also yes i do realize that in the opening text i put "cores" instead of "course". I made this video at like 3 am give me a break.

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