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  1. Chicago cubs

    New York Yankees Baby!!!! But not sure why they would trade for Chapman knowing his court troubles but guess at a bargain ya have to bite on the best reliever in the game.
  2. Anyone play PC sports games ?

    I play football on a site called secondlife look it up. We actually run the ball throw it block tackle the whole 9yds. We have cheerleaders commentators and all. They have a basketball league too. Hit me up if ya need help.
  3. NFL fans?!

    Im a Giants fan and we had the NFC East but let it slip through our hands not like a Odell catch =)
  4. Super Bowl

    Yea the Panthers even though they have lost now are still the dominating team in the NFC. And sad to say but the Pats will make it in the AFC.
  5. mayweather Vs. pacquiao

    Yea heard they gonna have another oldman fight of the century again, scratches head and wonders how much they will get for this fight smh?
  6. New Buildings and Stuff Coming

    Man where is the rails to make the cities look more like a city? Its been a months =/ Cant wait to finally see them.
  7. =ADK= Takes The Top Spot!

    Yea doesnt everyone google everything now a days lol. What I did when they said look ADK up. But thats awesome wtg hopefully be sending more people there.
  8. =ADK= December Giveaway Winners

    Congrats winners, and Happy New Years everyone. Wish everyone a healthy and killing new yrs :D
  9. Hey BigDRD4, That video is some funny shit. Driver has to stay in the truck lmao. Atleast ya got the Hobo.
  10. My life :)

    Awww noodles, we all are noodles in the h1z1 world. Thx for the milly bro =)
  11. Hello

    Hello lightning, glad you could join us. I bet Germany was a great visit. Are you doing any other traveling?
  12. Hello!!

    Hello fixture, stop trying to kill lynx all the time or we send you to the kiddies table hehehe
  13. Introducing myself

    Well glad to see ya back blackout good lookin base. Now can we get in lmao. Remember school is first =)
  14. Hello There

    Hey nepunepu, good fighting with ya guys...
  15. OSx

    Hey OSx, nice base =) thx for the stuff bro oooooo wait gracia hehehehe

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