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  1. Anybody play Elder Scrolls Online still?

    I have it and it happened the same to me... At the begining it was interesting, but later on it became boring as hell because I played it alone...
  2. I need a recomendation

    Well I honestly don't know what to watch, so what's a better idea than asking for opinions ? ... Since theres a HUGE topics for Anime I can say I like "shonen" types and even more like the first 15 episodes of SAO (just the style).. For example Overlord (I loved that anime)...   Thanks for the help ! ^^
  3. For me I'll have to go with Shiki or Terraformers... I've watched a few gore animes, but I think these 2 have a good mix of everything, from story to that little mix of gore...   On shiki you even have some suspense the OST is AWESOME ...
  4. Count to 1,000

  5. Count to 1,000

  6. Looking for a sci-fi anime

    EDIT: I haven't read that you wanted the same style as those 2, but anyway I'd recommend everything I've listed. I do not know if these are Sci-Fi, I think they are, so I'm enumerating: Gatchman Crowds Suisei no Gargantia (Mecha themed) Psycho-Pass (like Phreaktaco mentioned) Steins-Gate Guilty Crown GANTZ (if you like gore, you will ike this one) Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (or Parasyte, however you wanna call it) Asobi ni Iku-Yo (if you like ecchi comedy) Code Geass (I would classify it as a mix of Death Note and Evangelion) Terraformers (another gore one) Aoiki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova (Mecha with ships themed) Sakasama no Patema (MOVIE) I've watched every single one of them, and I would reccomend them all (maybe not that much Asobi ni Iku-Yo, but it was funny)... I think if I'd had to say: WATCH THIS ONE, it would be "Sakasama no Patema" without doubt... If you watch it, then tell me if you liked it ^^... Good luck and have fun watching ! PS, I'm currently watching Ergo Proxy, it seems fun and interesting, although I'm at episode 3, can't say much about it...
  7. Count to 1,000

    370 ... We are not that far from 420... I think there is going to be a stupid comment or something like that on that count...
  8. I need to do something T_T

    Well, I'm getting bored of the computer in general, so I though I'd give books a good try... The thing is that I know nothing (just like John Snow) about books sice I almost never read anything...   The aim of this post is if any of you could recommend me a good book to try it... If possible something similar to Game of Throne's books, I wanna read them sooner or later, but I think they are waaaay big for me to start with...   Thanks in advance, NepuNepu
  9. Count to 1,000

    Dayum, this thing has more rules than any other game... It's too hard for me T_T (?   PS,341
  10. Count to 1,000

  11. Count to 1,000

    337   (sorry about the misunderstunding T_T)
  12. Count to 1,000

    OHHHHHHHH I see xD ... Srry about that, I though it was reaching to the 1000 posts, misunderstood the concept xD ... Then shall we continue ? =P btw, I forgot where we were..
  13. Count to 1,000

    Soo, the thing is not to reach the actual 1000, but instead getting 1000 posts with numbers of posts ? ... I did not understood, that's why I'm asking xD
  14. Count to 1,000

    How is that not right? I'm pretty sure that was the post Nº374, yours was 375 and this one is 376...
  15. Count to 1,000

  16. Count to 1,000

    You, I like you...
  17. Do you think Urgot is a bad champion?

    If he is played right, it's a freaking beast...
  18. D&D anyone?

    I've been playing for like 2 and a half year 4-5 hours a day every 15 days ... And I still love it... If you are doing something online with D&D, Count me in too ^^
  19. I need to do something T_T

    Hmm, I love the LOTR saga, but Only watched the movies.. Never though of reading the books (Yes, I'm THAT dumb...) ... I think I'll give it a try then =P ... Thanks for the advice !!
  20. Sword Art Online

    A friend of mine who is fan af of SAO told me that IF they make another season, it will be epic... It made me wanna watch it right now xD ... I think I might read the Light Novels...
  21. Count to 1,000

    I think it's actually 367 right now... You can check it on the Left Top corner of each message which numer is it...     So: 367
  22. Spring 2016 Hopefuls

    @[member='Element'] Please, if you find a way, just let me know... There are a shit tons of animes I'd like to re-watch from scratch...
  23. Count to 1,000

    I bet he will make infinite smaller cakes =3
  24. I need a recomendation

    @TheLedStone   I love you, you couldn't have told me a better idea to do... I'll grab everything in my: "To watch list" and do exactly that...    PS: You forgot Cory in the White House right next to Family Guy...         Will give it a shot... Although in the page where I watch them there are only 2 seasons, the first one with only 13 episodes and the second one isn't even aired...   What do you recommend me to do ? @Element
  25. What's the best gore anime you've watched ??

    Honestly I've never considered Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) to be gore... I labbeled as psichological, but I'm not sure =P   And I left Blood C right at the beggining, can't stand the animation T_T

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