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  1. WIPE

    So the wipe is happening in a couple of hours, im planning on being on all night and looting to start survival off right. WIll anyone else be on? and if you are please hmu on ts so that we can team and get a base or something going! gl guys :D
  2. Introducing Myself

    HEY welcome man, I play H1Z1 and League so if youre ever on, im always on the ts so just hmu and we'll play some stuff.
  3. zCorruptioNz

    Hey guys,   Im new to the community. I live in Washington State, USA. Im in the United States Army and am married with a wife, and a baby girl on the way. I love to play H1Z1 and League of Legends. If im on feel free to hmu and ill be more than happy to hop in a game. I play about 4 to 6 hours on weekdays and I play about 6 to 8 hours on week ends. somtime more :P   any questions?

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