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  1. The end of my time here

    Coming from you, this means a lot. Thank you. I'm very happy with how things turned out between us, and hope things are well with you and yours. Cheers.
  2. The end of my time here

    It will definitely feel strange not having a home after this long, but I believe at this point it's the best decision I can make. Thank you for the kind words, I will miss you guys. Of course I'll still drop in from time to time
  3. The end of my time here

    Hello all, and also farewell. As others before me have said recently, I never thought I would be writing a post like this any time soon, but the time has come. I'm not much for words but I'll say what I can. A lot has transpired in the 4 years since I joined out of the BF3 conquest server we ran. In fact almost every person that replied to my initial member thread has since rotated out, for better or worse. There are too many people to remember, the success stories, the crazy falling outs, the bans, the disputes, the joy, the drama, the bureaucracy. Lately I've been reminiscing about all the terrible things that have happened at the hands of management here as others have, of which some I still see from time to time. I don't want to be involved with the bureaucracy anymore, the secrets, the censorship, the bullshit, the illusions of grandeur. Exchanging horror stories was actually quite the bonding experience with Phire recently, which was about the time I think we both realized deep down something had to go. It doesn't feel like home anymore. It feels like a cold shell of a place that used to bring me a lot of joy to come into every night. This isn't to say there haven't been great accomplishments; seeing the good things happening over the past months in the battlefield section, management-wise, has been one of if not the best turnaround I've seen in this community. Although these things happened far too late to matter in the long run we saw actual caring for the people who regularly play our servers from management, and approval of things that were denied fervently for a long time. We attempted for so long to hold a meaningless stance of indifference toward player's opinions, but that finally started to crumble once a new VA was appointed for us. Thank you Marcinkoman for doing your best to make the BF section a place players actually could want to be, you've done what others could not, getting through the layers and walls against change held by some here. Back a couple years ago my naive attempts to do the same via brute force, while being what we found eventually to be correct, were unsuccessful to say the least. Over the years the servers we ran in my section became something I held very dear, #7 being my pride and joy, every night coming in trying to make things better either through admin work in-game or by furthering the development of our admin tools. On occasion actually putting off college projects because things needed to be finished. Back in the dark times that sometimes meant going to other communities for testing help because things were so locked down here. The servers became to me like little children requiring care, listening to regulars, and many many hours of effort. Looking back I've managed to put over 5,000 hours into tool development here, and thousands more admining the servers. When something that has become that pinnacle in your daily existence is being hindered, growth stunted, and attempts to break it free are only met with stonewalls and indifference, it erodes your passion over time. Even now though I still enjoy jumping into servers and taking care of people. The most fun I've had with this place recently is bonding with new people in #5 when I'm in there by myself as the only ADK and get to play lovable admin during low pop like old times with nobody around to ruin it with hate mail, belittling players, being a general asshole in public while flying our flag, etc. I'm done, I've had it, I'm tired, I'm spent. I just want to have fun and play with people I know. I wanna be able to be casual again. It's not what I find here anymore. I'm likely to roam for a while with Phire and find a place with some others we used to be active with here, or find something of our own, I'm not sure. AOB, I know we still do not mesh or get along. However, we've both managed to at least be civil with each other over the past few months, which is refreshing. It still isn't for you that I put in work here though, too much has transpired for that, it's for those who survived, the servers and people in them that daily would bring joy to our hearts, and renewed our passion to take another day. However, it means a lot being able to take care of those I love, both the people in servers I cared for, and the little lady I met through this community. Thank you for providing the place I indirectly learned a great deal of adult life from, patience, and maturity, despite the issues. It's honestly something I contribute greatly to my ability to be social, having a place where I was comfortable to be and interact with friends. It's bittersweet, but I am thankful for having this place. The biggest pieces of criticism I could provide here are the following; shooting for the moon at the expense of your people gets you nowhere in the end, and removing illusions of grandeur in favor of listening to the people who grease your gears every day can mean the world. I've loved and hated my stay here, but It's time to leave this behind. There are literally too many people to mention, I would need basically the entire membership roster. Many of you I care about greatly, some can spoon a lathe. Cheers all.
  4. Welp.

    @Maverekt He still plays some rust, and single player games, not so much overall though. He works as an electrical engineer now, and also a model.
  5. Welp.

    Dang man. Long time. Hope to see you on the other side man. Agreed with some of the sentiments. Cheers. Keep in touch, skype:steelix4532.
  6. Legit?

    The service stars were for AA tanks, and the scout helicopter, which I doubt he was using on metro. It may be either a glitch with the battlereport, or those service stars are earned by total points instead of vehicle points, which would be odd.
  7. Legit?

    Was at work and couldn't respond with this earlier, but this is basically the case. Join, spawn, quit, game ends, SPM through the roof because of the end round bonus. The only thing that's a bit strange is when you click more players on the battlelog report it shows him with 0 points, so i'm not sure what glitch the report is having to show that. It is just a glitch though, no hacking/cheating here. Good eye though hardly.
  8. Legit?

    How much actual score did he have?
  9. Ping Limit Not Working on ADK #5

    The ping limit on that server changes with the time of day. It usually stopped enforcing at 2AM layer time, which is central time. I've moved that to 3am to help with this situation.
  10. Well, we're doing something right..

    It's good to see 1 so full on a monday.
  11. Hello guys !

    Wtf is going on with this section today?
  12. Europe Servers Exist?

  13. Maybe would have been better to post this in the battlefield section Sent from my SM-G920P using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  14. Battlefield 1, A World War One

    Wtf does it being 2016 have anything to do with how valid the subject matter of a game is? I could make a game about time-traveling muskrat detectives attempting to assassinate Hitler if i wanted to and it would still be valid today.
  15. Battlefield 1, A World War One

    When the poll first went out on what people wanted/expected i immediately said WW1. So excited. Of course there will be some issues, but considering all the fixes applied to BF4 it should at least be somewhat stable.

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