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  1. Ever heard of Pentatonix?

    I personally liked it =P
  2. Ever heard of Pentatonix?

    They were treated badly from what I heard =P The stage was filthy,staff was very rude to them,the backstage room was very filthy as well(mind you,last time Tayler Swift did a concert at the same stage,but she claimed the place was great lol) @[member='Sil3ntwarrior']
  3. Subbed or Dubbed

  4. Recommendation

    Recommendations for great anime ? XD
  5. Ever heard of Pentatonix?

    Now I'm just here in Malaysia wondering why they aren't popular,acapella in general .=( My friends listen to it and they were like "CHOU CIBAI LAH"(chinese swear word lol) and said stuff like it was processed and stuff. Some of them even said Justin Bieber has a much better voice than them..........   Retarted friends I have lol
  6. I'm a fan of Rick Riorden as his Percy Jackson series is awesome!   Is this new series as good as the Percy Jackson series?
  7. Ever heard of Pentatonix?

    I agree!
  8. My first gaming rig

    I have joined the PC Masterace when I got my first gaming rig a few months ago.   I picked the components myself as I'm a tech geek =) Here's the parts: Msi R9 380 i3 4170 Msi Z87 motherboard 1TB Seagate HDD Cooling Master case(forgot the name)   I did some benchmarks on my own: (I used Virtual Super Reselution(AMD feature) on some games to get 2k) Dota 2 (2k,Ultra Settings)=120-140 fps CSGO(2k,Ultra Settings)=140-170fps H1Z1(FHD,High Settings)=55-66fps   In turns of overclock: (CPU)oc feature on the Msi motherboard allows me to let the i3 to run 3.6 ghz(Turbo Boost speed)the whole time while staying around 60-75 degrees on load,40-50 degrees on idle (GPU)was able to oc to 1060 on core clock and 1500 on memory clock,while staying around 70-80 degrees on load,30-45 degrees on idle.   So what do you guys of my build?  
  9. Ever heard of Pentatonix?

    There's this acappella group I found online. They are pretty awesome. They usually do covers of popular songs. Here's a video of Draft Punk Medly they did 2 years ago,which is my personal favroite (no autotune and stuff XD):    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MteSlpxCpo   So,what do you guys think of their music? Awesome,Lame?
  10. Introducing myself XD

    I never tried LOL before. My friends like to "lucture" me that LOL is for noobs and stuff..... They like to swear a  lot too lol
  11. Introducing myself XD

    Hello guys!   My real name is Nathaniel,from Malaysia.I'm 16 right now. My Steam ID is Dark7storm. I generally play F2P or competitive games such as : Dota 2  CSGO Warframe H1Z1 Unturned   I would say I'm that type of guy who likes to experiment on different things. I like reading as well as playing games.   Actually,I'm pretty new to PC gaming in general,as I've gotten a decent gaming rig a few months ago.In Malaysia,most teenagers focus on competitive games,especially Dota 2.In fact,I'm pretty sure I'm the only guy in my school who plays games such as Fallout 4,GTA5 etc.I got deeper into PC gaming when I was 14,when I learn there is tons more other games than Dota , lol.I've wanted to push my friends to get deeper into PC gaming ,but they refused as they simply don't care.   After getting my rig,I've started playing games that were awesome yet F2P.Fortunatlely,my father bought Fallout 4 as a present.I enjoyed it very much as it was the first AAA game that I've have ever played.Sadly,it felt lonely as I had no friends to talk about the games that I play.That's when I found out there are tons of gaming communities called gaming clans,where you can meet new friends,talk,play and enjoy video games together.I searched Reddit to see is there any clan recruiting new members to joined their clan,that's when I saw this post.(https://www.reddit.com/r/clans/comments/3vl03t/pcnaeuadk_recruitment_gaming_community_247_active/)   Hope my recruitment application will be approved =) Thanks for reading.

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