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  1. Saitama is my favourite (pictured is my kitten Saitama), so what's yours?
  2. Hello ADK

    @[member='Darknae']: I was an ESL tutor in high school for like 2 years. A lot of our exchange students were Swedish. I'm not where near fluent but I can have short conversations in it and am always down for learning more.   @[member='Greenshaw']: I play, but I prefer to watch. I mostly watch NA LCS and high elo streamers to get better. 
  3. Hello ADK

    Hi I'm Kami   I like memes, cats, and gaining MMR.   I dislike humidity, geese, and 4chan.   I'm 19 from the west coast and am looking for people who play TERA on the Lake of Tears server.   Also come talk to me about one punch man.   Jag talar svenska bra ocktså ^.^

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