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  1. I sell frags and frag accessories.

    @[member='Viper'] I'm actually a mix of slightly annoyed and slightly confused that you're the first one to even post on this. Would think more people would be greeting on new intros.
  2. Wait for it....

    Looks like she got knocked tha fugg out. Rekt. 10/10 - IGN
  3. how much do YOU know gaming

    @[member='Crimson Woe'] If I remember correctly, it was Microsoft, for 2002's (very good game in my opinion) Mech Assault. What is widely considered the biggest flop, whose released was hyped in all of gaming history?  
  4. California?

    I live somewhere between Sac and Sanfran. Three hours from either, about an hour and a half to two hours from Santa Rosa, and about one hour from Ukiah.
  5. Favorite soda/pop?

    A&W Cream Soda or Root Beer, Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, Dew or Code Red Dew, Pepsi, and Sunkist.
  6. For the metal/dubstep fans

    I dig it, I'm not as big of a fan of dubstep as others but this is pretty good.
  7. Favorite most recent anime

    Kill la Kill and Attack on Titan, easily. Kill la Kill is self explanatory. As far as Attack on Titan goes. (unf. Mikasa's abs.)
  8. Drake Mario

    Newest vine trend alongside Try Me Bit** and John Cena?
  9. I am currently planning out my career path for the future, considering heavily the very thought of starting my own Computer Repair/Indie Game business. I live on the West Coast of the United States in an area that is a bit too sunny for me.  I am a huge nerd/gamer, I adore Rock/Metal music, and since Fallout 4's release, it has been nearly the only game I have been playing, very engrossing. My favorite game franchises are Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, and Armored Core. My favorite game genres are: Action/Adventure, Survival, Racing, Horror, Science Fiction, and RPG.   I believe politics is the real life 'Lying Simulator'   My favorite animals are dogs, vipers, lions, and tigers. I currently am trying to become more creatively minded as well, I'm starting to learn how to paint, after watching that Bob Ross marathon on twitch recently, and I am also learning how to write more creatively, and play both the electric guitar, and the drums. I generally am a jack of all trades, though recently a game I've been playing quite a bit is Elite Dangerous (I suck hardcore though). I am also in Planetside 2, a former Republic devotee, though its been awhile since  I played last.

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