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  1. Anyone play PC sports games ?

    Im big into MLB2k12 ... its modded big time up to date ... pretty good site were you can get you mods at ! not sure i can post the site but let me know if you need it ill hit ya up   i also play NBA2k16 .... dont play as much as i like becaus im still playing baseball even threw the off season but im a huge fan of thsi also    

    Im so excited .... Anyone else going to try and see it on the first day ?
  3. Chicago cubs

    Im a huge baseball fan , I follow it even in the off seasons ! how about the cubs :) so excited about the up coming season .... just asking what team everyone else follow ? interested to find out what people think about the offseaon so far for teh home team ...   mercy
  4. Seeding servers

    If you see me on TS late night and not playing BF4 good chance i'm reading , watching TV or maybe playing another game ... Ill be happy to seed some servers ..... NP :)   Mike
  5. MLB2k12 Modded

    I been playing MLB2K12 since they game been released pretty much every day . You should see what the modded people done to this game ! Game is very realistic to the point that when i finished the seasons the standing are similar to real life MLB standing.... there is a large group of Modders that work on this game year to year to keep it up to date with stadiums/rosters/jerseys and much much more ... if you have that game laying around and your not playing it hit me up ill be happy to buy it from you ... or if you interested in giving it another go let me know , ill be happy to help in anyway !     mercy
  6. looking for people to help me learn how not to suck?

    I have a play style that is more realistic to real life from position to position ! some people might call it camping i call it PLAYING SMART :) let me know i can show you my play still live if you like :) Im a TDM player 90%of the  time BTW
  7. ADK vs SoC friendly clan to clan scrim

    I be looking forward to this day :)

    I enjoyed the movie ! I thought it brought back the original style too 2015 ... well done looking forward to the next release ! Don't want to say much more to spoil it for anyone :)
  9. First i have to say how excited i am to have a chance to be apart of this professional gaming group . My name is mercylord or you can call me mike or just mercy .. Im from chicago Illinois 44 years old ! been PC gaming for 25+ years . My first system was the TI/99/4a it just grew from there , so i been around in the PC world since the start of home computers . Im a huge sports fan ! played sports until i was 40 in mens leagues in all 4 major sports Baseball/Football/hockey/basketball toss boxing in there i did that for 10 years  ! I played in metal bands for 20 + years , computer clubs on sunday :) so i guess you can say im you rare person that gets along with all crowds :) .... I do talk alot lol its ok to tell me to STFU if i go on and on about somethiing im cool with that :)   Im that type of person that respect the person first not the title , ill give my opinion even if someone agrees with me or not . I like to be honest and straight forward with everything .   How did i hear with ADK .... Well its kinda funny i told a few people this already ! old admin from a place i came from said he hates ADK and since that guy is a tool and pretty much one of  the reason i decided to move on , i decided to check this place out ... ive been blown away from every person i came across so far been very cool and nice to me .... Adk feels like a perfect fit for me from the first day i came on team speak earlier this week .   Im a muti gamer ! i play tons of games of all types including BF4/battlefront/7days/mlb2k12 those are the 4 im playing now but i have big plans to try many of the games that i see people playing here , very excited about that !   i can go on and on but ill leave the rest when i talk to you in TS , looking forward to it     Mercylord/mike  
  10. Scratch Off tickets…..

    i won 1000 bucks 11 years ago :) pretty excited
  11. What makes you smile?

    To be honest when i see my wife when i wake up every morning the last 13 years :)
  12. Im Turning 18!

    I would say go to a football game or paintball with a group of friends
  13. Playstation 4...

    i do the PC version of battlefront .. how is the PS4 version ?
  14. Homemade Gaming Snacks Anyone?

    I love doing the Pizza thing while i game :)
  15. Trump or Clinton

    I will shoot myself before i vote for Clinton LOL
  16. SLAYER

    SLAYER goign on tour in north armerica soon ... love this band seen them around 30 times :)
  17. Joystick

    I use the ThrustMaster not bad but its too damn big lol ... i use the logetech gamepad from time to time myself
  18. Phantasy Star Online 2

    looks interesteing
  19. Hello ADK I hope you see me as a good fit

    thanks everyone its been great so far . i cant say enough of how cool everyone is :) very excited to put my tags on soon
  20. Hockey

    I work second shift so itys hard to follow the NHL this year like i shoud ... who is looking good out there ! be honest LOL dont tell me your homen town team lol ... im a Chicago blackhawk fan ! i know all about them
  21. NFL fans?!

    Big chicago bears fan here . football sliped to my number 3 sport behind Baseball and hockey now but i still watch it everyweek , just don't know the rosters of all the teams like i do baseball ....  
  22. Need help populating #6 Chain Link

    Let me know if you ever need help ill be happy too :)
  23. IRNV/FLIR not working with smoke?

    i don't use smoke anymore .. because of the change

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