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    Ash Housewares

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    Gaming, Baseball, Football. Expanding my business. Table Top Gaming

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    Windows 7: Ultimate 64
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    Asus Maximus VII Formula
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    Intel i7-4790k
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    Nvidia GTX Titan, Nvidia GTX 960
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    Thermaltake 1400 Watt
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    G.Skill Sniper
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    built in
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    HP 2509m
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    Sentey Arvina GS-6400
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    Razer Mamba
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  1. I leave for 4 years and this is what I come home to?

    I am alive and well, Irish. Haven’t been active in ADK much necessarily as there appeared to be some schism awhile back. Good to see interest in SC however.
  2. HI!!

    Welcome to the show! What's your beef with Teemo?!
  3. Intro Post

    Welcome to the show Parzival! Dino riders are welcome.
  4. Hey

    Welcome to the show Brett!
  5. Busy Busy justice

    You need help with something? Rather, is there something I can help you with?
  6. Amnesia Collection - FREE For A Limited Time

    Thanks for the game!
  7. Here's the Hangar. As far as roles go, there's just no way to know for sure. Think I have a little of everything. I may melt a bunch of this down to lessen the requirements to fly them all alone. AEGIS ECLIPSE KRUGER P-52 MERLIN DRAKE HERALD x 2 AEGIS RECLAIMER AEGIS GLADIUS XI'AN KHARTU-AL AEGIS DYNAMICS IDRIS-P CORVETTE ORIGIN 325A XI'AN SCOUT BANU MERCHANTMAN MISC STARFARER TANKER F7C-R HORNET TRACKER F7C-M Super Hornet F7C-S HORNET GHOST F7C Hornet F7C Hornet Wildfire Freelancer MIS Aurora LN Avenger Stalker AEGIS DYNAMICS RETALIATOR ANVIL GLADIATOR BOMBER DRAKE INTERPLANETARY CATERPILLAR M50 Cutlass Black 350r Racer Aurora LX Constellation Phoenix Dragonfly Yellowjacket GREYCAT PTV Origin X1 Nox Ursa Rover Nova Tank Mustang Omega: AMD Edition
  8. 3.0 Usernames!

    No! I am me, Landomatic
  9. The Red Solstice - FREE For A Limited Time

    Free is good! Anyone playing it?
  10. Howdy Y'all

    Welcome to the show!
  11. Hey guys

    Welcome to the show!
  12. Buzz

    Welcome to the show! Can I know what 'more' games you play regularly?
  13. Star Citizen Trader Raider

    Let's do this!
  14. thinking of starting a event...

    Sweet! Let's play pirates!!!!
  15. Introduction

    I'm not so tall, but welcome to the show!

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