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    Keyboards, Yo-Yos, Teaching, Singing, making sweet memes, relaxing, sleeping, having a good stable relationship

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    The homie hookup micro center 40 dollar deal
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    corsair 600w
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    The homie hookup micro center 40 dollar deal
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    Western Digital's dirt cheap disk drive
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    FiiO E10K AMP/DAC and AKG 550
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    The homie hookup Amazon benq console gaming monitor because I can't read
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    CoolerMaster Mizar, Steel Series QcK, Ducky Shine 4 with Rainbow PBT blanks

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  1. ADK Ranked team Test run (NA)

    http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/21671310 I wish to play Top or Support at the moment. I'm open on almost every night at the moment and to specify my super safe nights Monday 6pm-12pm PDT Wednesday 6pm-12pm PDT Friday 6pm-12pm PDT Sunday 3-12pm PDT Will update over time as schedule becomes more solid.
  2. Favourite Champ/lane??

    What an EPIC description of volibear! I love Nautilus top because he can brawl really well with his passive and grasp of the undying lots of damage and damage prevention people dont expect
  3. Evening :)

    Codex Alera is pretty amazing! Hope you have a good time with ADK!
  4. Evening :)

    Google is ADK's best friend too. We do have an Overwatch section in the Teamspeak, I can vouch all those dudes are really friendly and I mean how can it get awkward with a game of Overwatch going? I hope to look down in Overwatch and see you play some time. What's your favorite Fantasy series or single novel?
  5. Summer Fantasy LCS

    I'm playing
  6. Intro for Putmeincoach56

    Welcome to ADK there Hunter. I'm Tipster your resident LoL admin and I'm always excited to talk and add people. Inhouse nights for League are on Sunday nights at 7pm central. Poke me if you see me and I'm not giving you love and attention.
  7. http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/05/teaser-dark-star-thresh.html Gather round, because a new Thresh legendary and a new Varus 1350 skin are hitting the PBE soon! Based on the nascent teasers we have so far, we got some pretty great skins coming our way. Evil space horror, black hole wielding monsters.
  8. Well hey there.

    Welcome to ADK my friend! Don't worry I'll take care of you especially if you show up on sundays ar 7pm central
  9. Intro from me to you

    If you ever play League of Legends I am a LoL admin and hit me up. I also look for friends to defeat the looming shadow of depression so please give me attention or I'll cry. Also what's a third dream car you'd want to work on?
  10. Team 1 will be "I didn't know she was level 13"
  11. Quad while dead

    Bro not bad at all, representing the tag too. Brings a single tear to my eye. Super cool stuff.
  12. hello everyone.

    Who is your favorite wrestler and your favorite wrestling organization.
  13. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/skin-release/super-galaxy-activate Shyvana, Fizz and Kindred will be receiving Super Galaxy skins, featuring anime and tokusatsu based animations and particle effects. I'm especially excited and I feel like Riot could have done a better job with Kindred, let me know what you guys think of these new super powered skins!
  14. Introduction: Triqster

    "Sex & talking to others?" Girls and boys, eh? Not bad.
  15. ADK LoL 2v2 Melee Tourney

    @singeyy my fam my love my life

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