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    Gaming mostly: SWTOR, and LOL currently, and minecraft occasionally.

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  1. New League of Legends Members 2/8/2016

    Well last night was fun, thanks for letting me go braum ;)
  2. New tournament for LoL section

    I personally like 2v2 and 5v5, as its a great way to learn everyone's strengths and weaknesses
  3. Blaze Intro

    What's up Blaze, Im Lodole, and i feel your pain. Welcome back to ADK though!!! Hope to see you around, in game.
  4. Sided505 Introduction

    Hi there Sided505 im Lodole! pleasure to meet you, hope to game with you soon!
  5. Taymendez intro

    Welcome! im Lodole!!! Pleasure to meet you!!!
  6. Team Roster for LoL tournament

    When is the next LoL tournament? Also Greenshaw, can i pay you with a random skin, or does it have to bee 500 rp specifically?
  7. Jhin, The Virtuoso.

    So, in relation to other ADC's where does Jhin lie? Like does he play like a combo of Lucian and jinx? Or is he more like Tristana and Graves?
  8. New League Members 2/1/2016

    WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!!!!  I cant wait to join the ranks of ADK!!!!!
  9. You Guys Missing Out?

    Gah! im missing out!!!!! i have to do one of these!!! When is the next one?
  10. Introductions

    Hi guys, Lodole here re-introducing myself. I started the process a few months ago, but due to real life stuff i had to take a break, but im back now!!!
  11. ADK LoL Tournament Whitelist/Blacklist

    hope it all went well, please sign me up for the next one!
  12. Wanting to learn

    if your still wishing to learn, id be happy to take you through a few games. Im not the best player in town, but i will gladly share what i know.
  13. What skin do you guys think is the best?

    OMG where to begin?!?!?   Love: DJ Sona El Tigre Braum Ice Drake Shivana Arcade Riven Reaper Soraka Spooky Gangplank Omega Squad Teemo and Santa Gragus
  14. Funniest Champion Troll Builds

    I once did a tanky teemo build for Ultamite Bravery. Tore shit up with that build lol. So i guess Tanky teemo lol.
  15. Favorite Champions (so far)- Braum, Shivana, & Tahm Kench   Favorite Role- Its a tie between top and Support.

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