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Paranoia Origins

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  1. Official ADK ranked team

  2. Looking 4 Duo Rank Quo Buddy

    look i know what your trying to say i do talk i do ask, i don't shit and wait for someone. doing everything i can think of.   you can ask Paper i talk often and always asking for duo
  3. Looking 4 Duo Rank Quo Buddy

    I'm a Support Main looking for some to duo bot with me in rank games.   I already know what a lot of people are going to say on here after i post this. But I've asked in other gaming communicates so sorry if this post is annoying.
  4. Looking for few S6 Support / AD Carry Guides and Builds

    i've been hearing about this thunder lords thing whats that all about?
  5. who are your favorite champions and why?

    Right now that would be my main champ Soraka just cause i have gotten my team out of the more crazy situations that i didn't though i could get away with as support with any other champ
  6. Welcome new member of LoL community 12/7/15

    hey how is everyone doing?
  7. League of Legends Active Members List

    i'm been here for a few weeks and this group growing on me i just want this preseason to be over so i can have people to play ranked matchs with on league. i've been very active since i found this group :P
  8. Running Solo Quo's Alone Again YAY

  9. Official ADK ranked team

    1. [url="http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/59020017"]http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/59020017[/url] 2. Support Main, Adc 2nd Main 3. No Graphic Design Job yet so Time zone AND availability: CST (Central Standard Time) - (Open all week)   Greenshaw's Tryout notes: Extremely reliant on raka currently, we've all told you to play other champs since she is a top ban You get tilted super easy right now in lane if you dont get kills or if you get ganked Played raka- yeah you know this champ mechanics pretty well since it is your main, warded well and applied pressure well. Ulted when asked for but never really told anyone your cd's for it or when it was up. Also you start coin and a faeire charm..................this leaves you open to early harass and early kill pressure on yourself. Played nami- very good with heal/damage poke, under utlilized your w when your adc would engage, bubbles were decent and ulty use was very poor in aim. You had the right timing but they just never seemed to hit as an engage.
  10. Hey i'm looking for a serious rank duo teammate

    i have been and i do normals with them a lot of the time, just hard to get anyone to do rank with me so i end up doing it alone and almsot silver 2
  11. Will anyone duo rank with me and get to gold?

  12. reason why i ask cause i'm trying hard to get to gold before preseason is over. and i'm up to 70-80 points in silver 3 atm.   i've been different forums and different gaming communites and still havent found a rank team or rank duo
  13. Little about my art

    stuff i did eh
  14. My Custom MLP stuff

    Dont judge me bro!

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