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  1. It ya boii

    Nice to meet you
  2. About myself

    Welcome to ADK! Our H1Z1 section always has something going on.
  3. Howdy y'all!

    Welcome to ADK! I might as well join the bandwagon, and tell you about my game! Oh wait, I'm the other games department. Hope to see you around.
  4. MWO - CLAN vs IS vote!

    I voted before it was edited and now I can't vote again, but IS! Because I don't understand clan mechanics

    1. xXFrenchyXx


      Hahaha. I'm disappointed there's no stone emote



  6. Salutations Everyone

    Hello Mercy, welcome to ADK!
  7. Rocket League?

    I'm super late to replying to this, dunno if you bought it or not, or if you're a pro yet @Lokaikgb but I'll play with you anytime.
  8. Rainbow Six Siege

    I can play, I'm not amazing at it, but I know the concept.
  9. Rocket League?

    I have a little over 100 hours on the game, and I can say with confidence having people to play with who know what they're doing makes the game more fun. It gets extremely stressful if you have people on your team who are absolutely dreadful, especially if you like winning and being competitive like I do. I regularly stream the game, and have a few games on my twitch if you'd like to look, just send me a pm and I can send you the link. (Don't like putting links up in the forums, what with advertisement and stuff). I can't recommend the game enough though, because it gives you a level of satisfaction when you make a seemingly impossible goal that other games don't come close to.
  10. That is the question. I enjoy what Arma does with its games. A realistic combat experience, with "realism" at their core. Being that the Summer sale has the game down to 20 dollars, I'm debating if I should buy Arma 3, considering all it has to offer. Countless mods, DayZ, base building, custom scenarios, multiple maps, and a huge playerbase. I was going to post in the Arma section, but I didn't know if that was an appropriate place, so I figured general gaming would give a wider audience as well. Is the game worth buying? Is what all my other questions would boil down to. Also, for pc specs, AMD FX-8350 16GB RAM Sapphire Tri-X R9 290 4GB Or should I just buy Arma 2 for 2 dollars (on sale) and play that to my hearts content? I already own all the independent expansions.
  11. AMD maybe??

    Been on team red since 2011, I'm not a huge fan of their older processors. I'm very excited for these new ones though. Zen sounds nice, but this is about Graphics. I don't know why you'd stop at a 460, it's made for mobas, and small games. If you play any other games other than that I would get a 480, it's going to be selling for $229 on release, and it'll be the cheapest way to Virtual reality and 1440p gaming on the market currently without selling your first born child. AMD is making some great competition for Nvidia with their new gpu's and I'm excited to see Nvidias rebuttal with the 1060 and 1050. Maybe they'll be around the price of the 480? I doubt it though. In a nutshell, I love AMD, currently have an R9 290, and I can run basically any game at medium to high settings no problems.
  12. So I've been looking since before I bought my computer for a good gaming monitor. Currently I have an ASUS VS239H-P, which is an alright IPS panel for creation and color matching, but not so for great gaming performance. I have an AMD graphics card, and I love team red to much to switch to Nvidia. I know, I know, it's so terrible of me. So Freesync monitors are a necessity, the wider the range the better. Currently though I'm looking at the Nixeus Vue 24A, seen here (https://www.amazon.com/Nixeus-1920x1080-Adaptive-Sync-Widescreen-NX-VUE24A/dp/B0131PBN6U). It's so far the best monitor for the dollar with freesync at 1080p, (That I've been able to find). However, if someone else has seen some good deals, or a monitor that provides the same content at a better price or in a better way I'm still completely open to ideas, even though I think the monitor is pretty sexy.
  13. LoL Tourney 2v2 7/2/16

    First. http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/48235102
  14. What game should I play?

    I need assistance deciding what game to play. I was going to buy Rainbow Six Siege, but Paypal, decided to kick rocks and I have to wait until tomorrow to even try using Paypal again, so I need something to eat up time now. Movie ideas are also greatly appreciated!
  15. Hey Im Singeyy :3

    Hello Singeyy :D 

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