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  1. Hello all you wonderful people! this is not space, ITS A UNIVERSE! so lets give it all we got with the start of the new year! here is my info so YOU can find ME! name: David " Wraith " O'Harra time's i play: will probably be around 9:30 to 10:30 PM EST weekdays, and more flexible on weekends.
  2. Deceit Early Access Giveaway!

    Steam Name: =ADK= Wrathsful SteamID: STEAM_0:0:57535800 Stream Link (If Streaming): not streaming Hours/Days that you can play: around 12 hours a day 7 days a week!
  3. so yeah.... at the time i joined this wonderful community i was in a deep and rough battle with depression and was in the middle of some other really bad things going on in my life. most of that stuff has either passed or has been dealt with now and I think im ready to come back, IF you guys will have me back that is... so yeah a few things to say before you make up your mind on if you want to let me back into the clan or not. NUMBER 1, I stall have depression, although I have a WAY better therapist now and am making a lot of breakthroughs in my family sessions. NUMBER 2, Im still a goofball, so expect a lot of silliness when im around. NUMBER 3, Im still me, so I still have autism, cant get rid of that BECAUSE IT CANT BE FUCKING CURED IT IS NOT A DISEASE LIKE THAT STUPID BIMBO BITCH ON TV SAID IT WAS! ...... sorry I have issues with that woman.
  4. PSN Gamer Tags

    PSN is Wrathsbeauty ( hence the name wraths )
  5. how much do YOU know gaming

    im going to have to say Watch dogs?
  6. Tattoo's Do you have one?

    good advice but my mom has some tattoo's because she is old fashioned hardcore girl. so i got some of that advice from her to
  7. Wehadababyitsaboy

    Good on you! may you have eternal joy and happiness! also I think his little feet are adorable XD 
  8. whats your guys or girls go to snack for gaming?

    Anything handy, usually some fruit water or some other kind of drink though, I dont really eat that much nowadays. 
  9. Tattoo's Do you have one?

    When I earn the money ( which wont be long now since im turning 18 on the 28th and my social security will be going into MY name ) I will be getting a tattoo on my upper left arm and hopefully ill have enough money left over to get on on my upper right arm, haven't decided what their going to be yet. maby an ankh and a flail? ( I like Egyptian hieroglyphics. )
  10. Wilkommen Recruits

    @[member='Oberst'] Whelp since your helping me make an extra post here's a tip for everyone reading this. I had a fatty liver scare and ended up drinking fruit water, its easy to make too. all you need is one of those big tea dispensers for picnics, any kind of fruit you like, and of course some water. you put the fruit in then fill it up, put it in your refrigerator ( NOT THE FREEZER! ) and let it sit over night. next day it taste like that fruit! i lost around 10 to 15 pounds just drinking that water instead of stuff like gatorade and soda.
  11. Scratch Off tickets…..

    I think I picked a ticket out for my mom and she won 35 dollers or something around there once....
  12. Anyone have RTS game's?

    I have the whole wargame series and love red dragon.   I have age of empires 2 HD edition.   I have empire total war.   I have civ 5   I have the entire stronghold series   I have sword of the stars complete collection   I have the first men of war assault squad.   I have the complete company of hero's series   I have medieval 2 total war ( and kingdoms )   And finally I have the full commando's series
  13. Anyone here play Elder Scrolls Online?

    sorry.. I Used to play on my PS4 but i got rid of it, maby ill pick it up again for PC? ill have to see if my computer can handle it so ill get back to you on that.
  14. misconception of gamers from non-gamers

    they forgot some things in that video. not all gamers are socially awkward in real life, not all gamers have no jobs and just play video games in their moms basement and finally not all gamers are the same. let me explain from my point of view, in the instance of not all gamers are the same, their are hard core gamers, there are medium core gamers and their are soft core gamers, the hard core gamers dedicate most of their life and make a living out of video games ( dedicating 70% to 96% of their time to video games because its their living ) . the medium core gamers are the people who are like me ( and a few other people in ADK that i know. ) that dedicate about 60% to 40% of their time to video games at the highest point ( sometimes medium core gamers become hard core gamers and vice versa, and sometimes soft core gamers become medium core gamers. ) , and finally you have the soft core gamers who just play video games a tiny bit ( 26% to 36% of the time at the highest point. ) and focus on other things. this makes gamers very different. but i think what they were trying to say is that gamers are gamers no matter what. i just wanted to point this out  :D

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