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  1. vlad and trop made me sad

    you love us-!!!!
  2. vlad and trop made me sad

    This tropical and vlad guy sounds like they know jokes
  3. Spicy vs Non Spicy Foods?

    if it aint spicy it aint for me
  4. Healthy Meals!

    detox water= cucumber lemon mint little ice let it sit and get together for 2 hours and boom nice drink also you can add watermelon or grapefruit to it
  5. Anyone play PC sports games ?

    i feel like playing sports game just makes me wanna go to sleep. 
  6. Hi Im Daniel

    hey cant wait to meet you hit me up in teamspeak if you wanna play
  7. ADK Warplot/Arena teams

    do you guys need a medic?
  8. A German Introduction ^^

    hey man i play csgo to add me on here and maybe we will catch up and if you need help with anything in the game ill help you out. i train people as well
  9. hey everybody

    Hey whats up everyone my main game is arma. i also play csgo and play competitive in 1.6 and source also did a premier team in csgo for esea.  

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