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  1. wildstar beta keys for 4/25/14

    both keys have been sent to the first people to PM me
  2. wildstar beta keys for 4/25/14

    i have two keys for this weekend wildstar beta. 1 for us server, 1 for eu server. PM me
  3. No ADK players

    we are always looking for admins/advisors.  if you feel you want to help us out then apply for membership then apply for an admin spot
  4. Battlelog Update - 10/30/2013

    isnt that just about any game now
  5. see your other thread please
  6. Ringing lag spike, thy name is Punkbuster!

    @[member='warspite']  how do you limit frames?
  7. Ringing lag spike, thy name is Punkbuster!

    i play more mmos and am running xfire 5770 and having some frame spikes.  want to level it out if i can so ill try some of these out   thanks man :)
  8. Ringing lag spike, thy name is Punkbuster!

    another great post war   will some of these things work for other games too?
  9. Thinking about moving to ND

    yes they do.  the guy/girl ratio is soooooo bad that they import em.  also get like $18/hr
  10. Thinking about moving to ND

    that really sucks.  but you jsut do what they oil workers do in alaska. work your shift and DONT go into town and blow your pay. then in a couple years quit and have alot of money saved up
  11. Thinking about moving to ND

    sounds like a good plan.  too bad your not a woman. restaurants would pay your moving expenses 
  12. The Pub Stars Showed Us Some Love Yesterday

    prolly recording one of their friday releases. where 4 of em come in and see what they can do on a server
  13. Punkbuster

    your account is not banned by PBbans.   tell us what its saying. but most likely you will have to talk to even balance as it looks like its from them. http://www.evenbalance.com/
  14. ADK

    thread going down hill fast.  locking

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