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  1. Overwatch UGC A Team Signups!

    Battle.net ID: Soviet#11291 Current SR and Season High: Somewhere in diamond. Best Heroes: Pharah, Orisa, Ana, Reinhardt. Do you agree to be available for the nights required? Depends on work. If you do not get a main spot, would you be interested in being a substitute? Yes Are you able to stream? Possible, if time allows.
  2. Overwatch UGC Comp Team 1

    Count me in! Available: High Noon EST Role: Fill Main: Ana, Pharah, Reinhardt, Soviet#11291 Rank: Platinum Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/8975/chicken-parmigiana/?internalSource=rotd&referringId=201&referringContentType=recipe hub&clickId=cardslot 1
  3. 3v3 Overwatch Tourney 1/14/16

    Soviet#11291 The duck is in!
  4. Any other players?

    I am always looking to play.  Just add me in game (soviet_sandwich) and find me on the ts!

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