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  1. Screenshots/Epic Sightings

    Highest point in the game I could personally climb :3 [attachment=7771:2016-03-26_91059454.PNG] [attachment=7772:2016-03-26_91054903.PNG]
  2. Murder will be had for this layout.

  3. About my self

    Hi, Rasmus! You were a joy to talk to earlier and I'm so glad you've joined the ADK team!  I hope you enjoy your time here and make lots of friends!
  4. I Am Bubber Hi

    Hi, Bubber! Nice of you to join ADK! I really hope you enjoy your time and and make lots of friends! We have loads of gaming channels waiting for people to join! Have fun and kick ass! :)
  5. Flash Games/Doll Dress up!

    [attachment=7550:priest.png] My little Priest!  Made here!
  6. Show Us Your Creations

    The latest cutie I made! [attachment=7530:2016-02-16_192294033.JPG] [attachment=7531:2016-02-16_192299550.JPG] [attachment=7532:2016-02-16_192301483.JPG] [attachment=7533:2016-02-16_192303119.JPG]
  7. I am Alyx

    I'm happy to see you've join us, Alyx! I know how you like your mystery, but I can personally say you are a very pleasant person to game with! I hope one day you will become more open with us, and if not, I will still be happy to have met you!
  8. MajesticGunZ

    Welcome, Majestic! Glad to see you join this community, and I can't wait to see more from you! You're super fun on the teamspeak and I hope to talk to you more!
  9. Space AFK

    Hi, I'm making this post for ADK user Space, he can't access the website and asked me to make an AFK post for him. He will be absent until Tuesday the 16th. 
  10. Flash Games/Doll Dress up!

    [attachment=7497:blkrose.png] Not complete but I've been playing Black Desert Online Character creator, and I tried to make Black Rose from .Hack!
  11. RustyBulletzz Introduction

    Welcome, RustyBulletzz! I really hope you enjoy your time here in the ADK community! We want the best experience here for you so if you do have any trouble, don't be afraid to talk to our admins! We don't allow discrimination here! I'm so glad you decided to join us! See you around!
  12. A long absence

    Glad to see you've made a return to ADK, it's nice to meet you Jordan! I really hope you enjoy your time here and all is well!
  13. New Recruit for the ADK Grinder!

    Nice to meet you, Jon! I hope you enjoy your time here in ADK!
  14. Introduction Post

    Can't wait to see you again Cruze! We had loads of fun last night and I really hope you stick around for a long time! See you again soon!
  15. I Am Moxy, Do you have any?

    Already met you in the teamspeak, but, Hello and welcome to ADK! I'm so happy you've decided to join our community! I hope you enjoy your time here and it lasts for years to come!

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