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  1. Metro Server 7

    well, since a few days I've seen a lot of hackers in there. It's just breaking the fun so stuff gets boring for me after  a while:/ Other than that, its fun...
  2. P0mpey, I Can't Shoot Anything!!

    not a bad shot;)
  3. Anyone actually play #5 still?

    still on it some times
  4. favorite Map?

    golf of oman
  5. Favorite Play style?

    always different styles, thats what bf's about
  6. best loadout for classes

    supporter, 416, shield and airburst
  7. any members play bf3 still? like ANY?

    yes got it for free of origin
  8. wall hack ??

    hmm gotta use this haha joke
  9. Bots in BF4

  10. What are your top 3 weapons?

    M416, M40, M249
  11. I can fly

    gotta do this together!
  12. shotguns...

    only for CQB
  13. Was Battlefield 3 better than 4?

    kinda was on some parts
  14. LOL on that reaction im talking about

    WTH haha best fail XD
  15. Eren's introduction

    Hey there,   first of my name's John.   I'm 19 years old male, am a US citizen, living in Germany currently. My friend (Daniels) showed me this community and I enjoy it here.   I play a lot of BF4 and Arma 3. Usually only BF4 in this community. So I hope that we're going to have a lot of fun and serious fun together.   Regards,   AirborneRanger

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