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  1. Rep, server #7

    Hi guys: Just because u see a player from your perspective doing something, don't assume that is what they are doing! I have seen guys on the back stairs (server 7) lying prone with LMG's and from what I could see they were shooting at the ceiling! So don't assume things that aren't really happening. Also I have shot and been shot through the wall right in the front of the lockers. When this happens NO ONE is cheating, although everyone calls people on it. It is a glitch in BF4.....if you get too close that wall your tushy hangs out the other side and can be shot!!!
  2. Rep, server #7

    Thx @[member='KnightsX']. I can only imagine the amount of work involved!
  3. [OFFICIAL] Battlefield 4 Platoons

    Hi Folks Just became a member about three weeks ago but still haven't received an invite to join the "full" ADK platoon. Do I need to contact someone or just wait? Thx
  4. Rep, server #7

    Any idea on timeline?
  5. Server Statuses

    It will probably even out after Christmas!
  6. Metro Server 7

    Yes I agree. There are a few who I am convinced use some sort of aimbot or use their high ping to their advantage
  7. Metro Server 7

    I hear you about the ticket difference! My take on that is not so much the ticket difference (which is kind of normal on Metro) but rather the effect of it. It triggers the auto balance and many players end up in different squads or on the same side over and over. Experienced that myself. 5 rnds in a row I was US!
  8. Metro Server 7

    Is it just me or is 24/7 Metro losing players? I used to be able to get on in the late morning and there were at least a few players. Now… ..nothing. Even in mid afternoon… same thing! Just wondering.
  9. Canada eh?

    Eastern Ontario here. Sorry but the Leafs have been in "rebuilding" mode since… uh….. uh?….. Ummm…. 1967???!
  10. Well my fellow canadians.

    One thing for sure, he is or will not be Harper! Can he deliver….. maybe. He has a better chance than most.
  11. Im sick of the anti muslim speak

    Good for you! Couldn't agree more.
  12. Favorite Play style?

    You bet, that's what makes it a great game!
  13. Why am I using all my Processing power?

    You may want to check your CPU cooling and upgrade if necessary. Your CPU will throttle itself back if it gets hot. It will show 100% utilization but its 100% of a throttle down by as much as 50% or more. In my case is was having cooling issues and BF4 just sucked. Got a new liquid cooled Corsair cooler and things are fine. My i5 now runs at about 50C and at about 95% of my full CPU speed
  14. Need help picking a GPU

    I agree with Pete300. Either card is good but I do prefer Nvidia products
  15. Windows 10

    Thx Bromance. I know about the driver update issues in 7. I would have thought 10 would have done better.

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