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  1. Hardcore 5's Team - LF+4 ADK Members Only

    Sounds good Microcity, I'll add ya and we can get into some games. I'm busy tonight (29th), but I'll be around tomorrow if your down?
  2. Hey there,    I'm new to the ADK community, but I heard some of y'all play League? I'm a jungler and I'd like to put together a 5's team but I'm looking for dedicated, and skilled players who would be able to allocate time for practice and would actually be serious about success. I'm a very hardcore player, so if your just looking to play a game or two for shits and giggles once a week, than you may want to look elsewhere.   If this at all interests you, please post and I'll add ya in-game and we can play a few norms an see if we mesh.
  3. How is the communtiy for LoL?

    I've been playing since League was released, and in my opinion, I feel the community is beyond shit, and absolutely the worst community I've ever seen, and i've played alot of games. I think the game itself is absolutely amazing but the player base gets worse each year. The first two seasons it wasn't so bad, but the amount of players who give up a game to hurry up and get another 'crack' at it in the next game over powers the players who are actually trying to better themselves and play the game the way it was intended. Not to say your views and opinions are invalid, or that your past experiences don't match mine, I'm just putting it into perspective. I feel that as a new player, you should insta-mute your entire team and the opponents team until you hit lvl 30, and probably for your first 100 games until you are famaliar with the gameplay. There is NO room for learning within the community of League. If you make a mistake, you will surely hear it from everyone sadly...
  4. And this is why I can't get back to Gold..

    Honestly mate, this kind of thing happens. There will be games you DOMINATE the hell out of your team and still lose. Just need to accept the fact that when you play like a baws, your entire team won't necessarily play like a baws. If you want into Gold ranking, you need consistancy. It may take ya 30 games to move up a tier, but if your consistant, you will win more than you lose, in turn, ranking you up. Just stay positive mate.
  5. who are your favorite champions and why?

    One of my most favourite champions would have to be Udyr. His diversity and ability to control the map provides a huge bonus to the team if the champ is played well. I'm not going to get into the different things you can do with Udyr, as there are tons of guides and videos on Udyr Gameplay but something to consider is that he does NOT have a basic ultimate like most champs, but four situational abilities that can be tiered up differently based on your enemy's team comp, your team's comp, and how the game is going.
  6. how did you get you summoner name?

    I originally used to use the tag, Ragnar - Its from Dragon Warrior i through IV for Nintendo (My first gaming love) - I then created Anarcko which is a playoff of Anarchy, showing my rebellious side back in my youth, and the name has stuck throughout my gaming career. First time punching in Anarcko was back in 1996 for the highscore boards of Astroids, a standup arcade game.
  7. There is always a comeback. If ya want it bad enough, if your team wants it bad enough as a Whole...There is always a comeback. I've had many games where we were 4v5 and we still came back and won after 40mins+ of gameplay. Now, those chances are not near as high as the chance to lose a 4v5, or 'trolled' game, but if you're a try hard, and you want it bad enough, play till ya bleed and don't EVER give up.
  8. PENTADUNK!!! #Worlds #C9

    What I find absolutely amusing is how much Darius is underestimed. 9 times outta 10 Darius players are overlooked and not given the respect they deserve. C9 taking dat respect back pleases me.
  9. Anarcko's Intro

    Hey there,   As y'all know, I'm Anarcko. I am a huge Mmo-Rpg player. I'm coming from 2 yrs in Wildstar, 10 yrs in Runescape, and 5 yrs in League. Love sandbox games such as Terraria, or Minecraft. Or survival games such as Rust, or Ark. I'm a very competitive player, if I'm not progressing, than what is the point? Lol. I'm sure you'll find me on ts, so goodluck and hope to seeya online ;).

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