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  1. SHIP BUILDS - Combat / Multirole Specs

    i feel thats fair enough since after my fer de lance i knew what i was liking.if you could since theres a few new people who dont know the engineers could you possibly make a guide to help them ?
  2. SHIP BUILDS - Combat / Multirole Specs

    ALL OF THESE ARE AMAZING BUILDS @VEEDUBBIN. If you would mind i can send you my build for my combat conda and you can post it since its cheap and effective
  3. Engineer - The Dweller and accessing him

    Thanks @VEEDUBBIN Very Helpful Info
  4. Should Dowin do this?

    this i gotta see
  5. Introduction

    Welcome To ADK. Our Overwatch Community Is Amazing. and has some pretty skilled guys in it. Looking Forward to seeing you in discord
  6. ho ho ho

    Welcome To ADK. hope you Enjoy It Here
  7. Reddit Post

    I Made a reddit post. helping us regrow this section feel free to put some of you expiernces that you have had in elite HERE
  8. Returning From Grave

    Thanks Aob
  9. Returning From Grave

    @Soap91 i do remember you. thanks man
  10. what's your current favourite BF1 game mode(s)

    i mainly play operations. There Very Fun to do. and feel like actual war to me
  11. Returning From Grave

    Thanks Everyone
  12. Returning From Grave

    Hello Some of You might Know Me Some Of You Might Not. Im Returning From my IRL Problems. Coming Back For Elite since i see its Coming Back to life. and im wanting to help so yea im back whats up
  13. ADK Private Group

  14. Jeez Havent Been on here inna while 


  15. Hi Regenerate83,


    I just wanted to know what I'm missing from my application to ADK membership?






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