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    gaming. gaming. more gaming. marijuana. gaming (dont worry im not a fuckup, i get straight A's)

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  1. Hey everyone im looking for a small group of people to join me and help me get back into path of exile, looking for people to just all make a new character together and level up together as we go along. anyone can join but it is preferred you have teamspeak so we can have fun voice chatting while playing.
  2. Blade & Soul

    My story.... Tried to play the game. couldnt run the game looked up ways to help me run the game found nothing to help me run the game well enough got into bed cried cried cried
  3. Halo lovers?

    LOL halo is such a hard game to get back into on console especially for me because of the fact that im a pc gamer and i just cant seem to train my aim on consoles after using mouse and custom sensitivities haha i used to play competitive COD but i lost it when i started playing csgo.. i try playing cod strategically now LOL
  4. GTA

    if anyone looks and sees this comment, i would like to have some people to play PS3 GTA online with cuz the community is pretty dead so i want some friends to fuck around with so let me know if you guys want to add me on PS3 my name is majorwinters44
  5. Wow anyone

    i have always wanted to try this game but idk if i feel like paying a monthly fee for a game i just dont know if i would get my moneys worth... but i have always been just looking for a good MMO game such as this one as i love fantasy and mmo games and i have a friend who keeps telling me to buy it but honestly it looks really enjoyable so i might just have to give in to the pressure....
  6. Rocket League?

    cant decide weather or not i should spend money on this game... i have played it on the ps4 and wasnt very good at it but many many many of my friends play it kind of competitively and so i just dont know if i should buy it. i need to see if some of my friends will teach me some of the ins and outs of the game before i buy it but ill give it a shot and see
  7. Left 4 dead 2 = Got that game?

    played the shit out of this game on my xbox 360.. constantly have thought about buying it on PC but wasnt really sure if i should but i might actually decide to do it. this game just has so much replay value and i just love the massive hordes that you can kill, some people here know that sometimes i just feel like playing games hwere you have constant hordes of enemies to just gundown haha
  8. Hey guys if anyone is interested i would like to get back into learning path of exile. I have had many fun times playing this game all day at some points with friends so i just decided i should come on here and look to see if i can find anyone willing to help me learn some of it again and maybe start a new character with me. Anyone feel free to comment i have TEAMSPEAK access so if you want to talk while we play that would help out alot
  9. Geforce GTX 1070 or 1080?

    i agree you should just wait till the 1080 Ti comes out as i feel it would be better cost efficiency if memory serves correctly but i could be wrong so if i am my bad xD
  10. i am saving up about 4-500 dollars and looking for a good budget build for a decent gaming rig to set me up playing CSGO and Dota 2 And league well. If anyone has good builds for around this budget and can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I want to stress that i have no plans of playing harder to run games just csgo overwatch dota and games like that Thank you for your help!
  11. Ohio?

    Anyone who lives around the north eastern part of ohio? i live in central medina so hit me up if you wanna hang and talk or something
  12. What's your comp specs

    ......... MOTHERBOARD : GARBAGE OFFICE LAPTOP MOTHERBOARD Graphics card: garbage office laptop graphics card
  13. silver sucks xD

    I have been getting in many games where i am playing super well and top fragging all game long but my team just cannot aim or make really bad decisions and this is leading me to be stuck in silver 3. I used to be nova 4 before the stupid rank reset and been stuck ever since. SOS
  14. Starting LoL

    let me know if you ever want to learn some stuff i usually get bored and have no one to talk to so i would love to help you out with whatever you need
  15. When champions reach level 6. .

    i hate every time annie hits 6 when i lane against her cuz it always throws me off with her massive amounts of 100-0 damage ;c

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