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  1. Ok sorry its been a while. Started a new semester and had to get adjusted. Few weeks in now, and past the BF 1 Beta I'd like to get more active withe the community again, still active on BF4, was considering getting BF3, and ideas on of its worth getting it or not I'm open to opions. Did get some time on the BF1 Beta and pretty excited about that, really want a more powerful pc to game on tho . . . And I just had an issue when trying to get on TeamSpeak and connecting, I kept on getting errors  . . . soo yea could use some help with that from some guys that are way better with TeamSpeak. Also would like to know in feature reference would i would need to contact if I do have TS issues. So if some1 could let me know who to go to, so I don't look like an idiot going to Nova after he just said not to go to him . . . Hope people still check on my Profile every once in a while.

    Anyways, Pace out and Take it Easy!!!

    1. Nova


      Good Afternoon @HEMISCAR!

      Surprised no one has seen this yet but let me provide you some information to help :)

      Approximately one week ago, ADK Leadership decided to make the switch to Discord and they shut down the Teamspeak Server.

      You can find the information here in this thread: 


      I hope to see you around for Battlefield 1!

      Let us know if you have any more questions.




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