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  1. I got a new GPU and Ram.. Now...

    Overclocking is just something that escapes me. No matter how much I read about it I just can't grasp the concept. I was looking for some settings and very basic explain like I am 5 instructions to OC. I am worried about my liquid cooler as it is old and came as a free upgrade from cyberpower pc long ago when I ordered it.
  2. Sad about this game

    And that's when I get reinvested. Until then I will causally play as I mentioned before. 
  3. Member Picture Thread

  4. Sad about this game

  5. Sad about this game

    I am aware of what the game has to offer I have 400 hours in. I like the game and want more for and so I will keep checking back. They publicly said they have no plans to expand the map for the immediate future and will not be expanding anytime soon. 
  6. I am new so be gentle with my body

    I don't understand what I just read. Are you threatening me?
  7. Miscreated - Anyone down?

    Like I said that Let's play is dated and that bug is no longer in the game with the phasing pants lol
  8. Miscreated - Anyone down?

    The community is still small it's not as popular and people are a lot more friendly and it isn't plagued by hackers 
  9. Sad about this game

    I want to get back into it and recapture that feeling I had at launch but from what I understand this game will not reach the original vision at all or at least not anytime soon. There is still no humanity system and no plans for map expansion. It is currently 1/4 the size of Chernarus. I am down to check out your community and help out once in awhile because I still do have a soft spot for the game and want it to be great but I don't think I will be devoting the time to make a full time survival stake at your camp. Feel free to message me if you want to play and need help looting or want to play a quick BR. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198005636608/       edit: wrong link
  10. NHL?

    Not a Hockey fan but I have played a few of the NHL games and i live near Chicago so I have seen a few Blackhawk games. I feel bad if you are not a Blackhawks fan cause your team is going to lose. 
  11. NFL fans?!

    My Bears are bad and it feels bad man
  12. I am using a i7 920 at 2.67 and I think I turned the base clock up but to be honest my motherboard is not for easy overclocking plebs like me. It's a MSI x58 Pro E. It's got a really old water cooler on it.    I would like to get a new case and motherboard and eventually processor. I have been looking at Reddit /r/HardwareSwap and other places looking for a good deal. I don't make a lot of money so It's hard to know where to start and if I should invest in a board that takes the new CPU's and DDR4 especially when I just bought new ram.  I guess the new *Skylake*? Has a i5 2 core that can't be overclocked but I guess its better then what I have now? If I get the motherboard for the new gen processors then I can eventually just get something better without replacing the board. M2 slots I am usure if are really necessary because I have not jumped on the SSD hypetrain. I really don't need my PC to boot faster even though I guess it makes some gameplay better too.  Oh I just bought a new HDD too it's a 2 TB (Hybrid) though I gues its only got 8GB of SSD on it lol. It is a improvement over my old HDD though.      Thoughts?
  13. It's free here.   http://www.daisuki.net/anime/detail/ONEPUNCHMAN   Tell me what you think :D   I was a huge fan of the Manga and the Anime does it justice
  14. I am new so be gentle with my body

    Currently I am playing ARMA, H1Z1, Chivalry, Miscreated, GTA5, and Battlefield 4. Maybe you can convince me to play Ark 

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