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  1. Truthfully I love it!! I played the original Doom on an old DOS computer when I was a kid. The original game came out in 1993, I was born in 1992. I was literally young as hell playing Doom lol. The new game is just phenomenal.
  2. So for everyone that's played the new DOOM title, what do you guys think? I'm gathering opinions on it for a YouTube video, and I wanna hear from my fellow ADK members (Non-ADK Members as well)
  3. haha challenge accepted
  4. Its gonna be free money regardless. haha i have no money to gamble with, especially on poker
  5. Anyone ever want to do poker nights sometime? I think the best way to do it with all of us is on Tabletop Simulator. I can't find another alternative. If anyone's ever interested in doing poker night (Texas Hold 'Em) instead of Cards Against Humanity for a change, let me know! And if anyone knows another alternative that might work, let me know on that too!
  6. I was trying out WildStar for the first time since it is now an F2P. Once I go to confirm my character, it just sits on that screen and doesn't go any further. I've sat there for 15 mins waiting, nothing. Game didn't crash or freeze, everything still moved & what not, just wouldn't go further. Anyone by any chance know how to fix this or get around it? Thanks.
  7. Rocket League is HIGHLY addictive. I could play it with friends for hours on end. I've pulled an all nighter once playing this game. In my opinion, its definitely worth it. Even at full price its worth it.
  8. yo Cap!!! Welcome to ADK! If you got any questions, don't be afraid to ask!
  9. Van Canto is awesome. Sing A Metal Song, and their covers of Battery (Metallica) and Fear of the Dark (Iron Maiden) are my 3 favorites.
  10. @Selath Welcome to ADK!! Hope to catch you on TS or even Battlefield lol
  11. 368
  12. What's everyone think of the new forums? For me, might take some getting used to, but I like it.

  13. @[member='bluemoon_og'] I'm surprised a lot of people don't play GTA V anymore. I still play it once in a while. I'll hit ya up whenever I decide to play again lol
  14. @[member='War_Adm1ral'] I can't either. Doom is my childhood game. I literally played the original Doom on an old DOS computer when I was 3 years old. I was born in 1992, Doom released in 1993. One time (think I was 5), I had to help my dads older friend beat a few levels of Doom II. Was awesome.

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