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  1. Correct, my AK comes with 100% more win.
  2. I'm planning on expanding my WISP with some fiber to the home/business runs in the near future, so I'm testing some microduct bundles that I ordered from China. I figured some people here might be interested. With ducts this small, each customer gets their own run from our cabinet, right to their building.  
  3. If you could.....

    I'd have to go with Teleportation. Preferably space teleportation so I could check out some other planets!
  4. You are being hunted down for reasons unknown ...

    The Warden from Halo 5.   nah, I got this.
  5. I've got this: https://i.imgur.com/6yjzqD0.jpg As well as a Mosin 91/30.   I also have a large assortment of Airsoft guns: http://drive.hermonnet.org:8082/files/7a58487e-50aa-4185-b844-1a8638a98ca7/A%26K%20M249%20Para.JPG
  6. Hello from Maine!

    I do have a couple of VMWare hosts up, but we primary use Citrix XenServer, and some CloudMin. I'm trying to virtualize everything at the school, but we still have a few holdouts that don't trust it for our critical hosts (NFS/NIS, terminal servers, and our Domain Controllers). I built three beautiful 32TB storage arrays for them.   Also, thats what Verizon gets for still using copper :D .
  7. Hello from Maine!

    The weather's pretty good right now, last year at this time it had already snowed twice. The wireless and fiber gear that we're seeing now is getting insane. We have multiplexors that can stack multiple radios onto the same 2' dish, kits that can do half a Gbps over 50 miles, and 250mbps over 150 miles, at a cost of $800 per end. Kits that will do 2Gbps are running around $3k an end. Oh, and the latency over these links is <1ms. 5 - 10 years ago we were looking at $10k to $20k per end for 8mbps, on a good day.   The fiber gear coming out of China has reached absurd levels. We're seeing quality fiber optic (core-aligning) fusion splicers, testing equipment, 40G/10G PON  ONTs and OLTs, SFPs, HDPE duct, fiber, everything you need to roll out FTTH, at "throw-away" prices.   It's a fun time to be in the ISP business.   It does kind of ruin the magic of the Internet when you see just how fragile the system is though.
  8. Hello from Maine!

    Yeah, i'm slow with these sorts of things. I lurked at the clan that shall remain nameless for probably 6 months last time.
  9. Hello from Maine!

    Hello! Ripther told me I should check out ADK, so here I am. I go by either Wizdum, NSWizdum, or Burgess in most games. I do have an XB One, but I mostly game on PC. I play Eve Online, Battlefield 3/4, World of Tanks, World of WarShips, Planetside 2, Insurgency, TeamFortress 2, CS:GO, KillingFloor 2, Civ 5, Space Engineers, and several others.  I'm looking for a more active community, so I spend less time gaming alone...   I live up in Eastern Maine, where I own a WISP (hoping to start rolling our fiber soon) and a VAR company, as well as work full time as the Asst. IT Director for a local school district. I also play Airsoft when I can find the time, and the weather cooperates (gas guns).   So...thats about it. I look forward to playing on some of the ADK servers!

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