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  1. Galnet proposal.

    Seems like a good idea but may i suggest building the playerbase alot higher and community reputation more along the lines of when people mention ADK in elite they go who are they. Dont get me wrong i see where you want to go with it and yes its a great idea but at this moment in time it would be more of a personal journey and lore rather than a group one due to lack of content from players within ADK for elite and thats not me saying that ADK players dont do anything there are just not enough of you actually making any moves within the community/galaxy to be recognised and i wouldnt want you being put onto the galnets one hit wonder list of factions trying the same thing. Just my opinion so dont take it personally.
  2. BGS Updates

    I understand this data and sharing it is personal to the push for ADK and there systems but ive asked this question and the response i got was practically i have no idea of a member when i asked , if this is private information then fine not a issue but the deal i struck with regenerate i havent heard from in weeks and im out that way in the next few days and being a member of ADK i didnt want to FK anything you guys were pushing or looking after for the faction. Just pm me with your BGS update if you could as i said i dont want to wipe a syetem out you own for another faction i role with and sorry i didnt mean that to sound like a demand but i have alot of respect for ADK over the many yrs ive been here and do nto want to jepardise any of your efforts with ED.
  3. This is a collaboration of various forum posts with essential info and tools to help you within game , i take no credit for any of this however it will be a pure reference point for you to use in case of any in game questions that cannot be answered. Section 1Useful Websites - General http://inara.cz/ A stupidly large amount of info on the elite dangerous universe. Want to find out about a player group faction? Who is in it? Ships they own? There is a good chance some of that info will be on here. The sad things is unlike my next 3 links there is no auto upload tool, so if you want to keep track of your stas, logs etc then unfortunately you have to manually upload them every now and then. Perhaps the most useful thing about this site is the engineer section as well as details on obtaining invites fromevery engineer, it contains general info on where to find engineering materials and data. Not specific locations, more general information, eg ship types you have to kill for specific materials https://eddb.io/ This site is a fantastic user friendly collation of all sorts of data from the ED universe. Including various optimised trade routes, where to buy specific commodities, minor factions and their states at each systems, available resources (ed blackmarket / shipyard / refueling etc), what power is exploiting it and even what ship modulus are available to purchase at each system. https://www.edsm.net/ Interested in exploration? Then this site stores system co-ordinates, POI and various other information about systems which are donated by fellow explorers in ED. It has expanded now so it is possible to keep logs, bookmarks and ranks, details of your fleet among st other useful info. http://www.elitetradingtool.co.uk Quick trading tool calculator, if you are off to a specific location for a random activity, fill up the cargo hold and make some credits along the way. Can also sjow where is a good location to trade from current location https://coriolis.edcd.io/ A place to play with your ship builds, every ship in the game, every ship module in the game. Will calculate if you have a big enough power generator, how far you can jump, total cost of ship and rebuy cost and lots more.You can add info for modules you have engineered to see how it effects your ship stats. You can even let it know if you are planning on buying your ship from a system that has discounts or where you can go buy all thee things you need for your build. It doesn't make coffee though... http://www.edshipyard.com ED Shipyard is very much like Coriolis and has very similar functionality. Some players I am told prefer this due to the column base layout. However, these are dirty heathens and should not be talked about in polite company. You can save your setups and add engineering modifications here also. If you use these last four great sites and ED Shipyard, then I would recommend you download and use ED Market Connector. It can either run in background or foreground and will help keep the 3 aforementioned sites up to date, best of all imo is the way it will link your ship build including engineered components to either of the ship building websites. So if you use those sites then its a great way to contribute back. https://edu-c3s.rhcloud.com/systems/settlements/ An engineering specific site was suggested by ******* is easy to use. Simply follow details link to find best base types for the firmware you need, click the boxes for those, pick where you're at, and it gives you a route around the galaxy to get exactly what you are searching for. An excellent use for it is when that was absolutely essential in me doing 50 grade 5 dirty drive rolls across my different ships. Section 2Useful Websites - Power Play Lazy Commanders Guide to Power Play https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/175324-A-Lazy-Commander-s-Guide-to-Powerplay The above link gives basic guide as well as all the bonuses you receive from working for each power. Successful power play needs some degree of co-ordination, Dark Echo is not affiliated to any particular power so if you want those sweet prismatic shields or extra cash from bounty hunting after you gain a feel for the game then joining a power is something you might want to consider. Power Play Sub-Reddits. This is where you can find members of each power organising their efforts for the current and future cycles. To gain access to their unique technology you have to join for a minimum of a month, out of that month you only really have to contribute for the final week. So make sure you check out the appropriate sub-reddit and join the campaign so you are not working counter to the other players efforts. Section 3Useful Software - Third Part AppsMost players have a few player developed software running in background, as sadly ED is a bit lacking in some areas. These are really helpful to both the ED community and to yourself as a player. I have not linked discord. If you have made it this far you are most likely already in our discord channel as part of your membership request. We also use discord for voice comms rather that the in game version. ED Market Connector https://github.com/Marginal/EDMarketConnector/wiki I know I have mentioned this earlier, however, for completion and continuity I will add this again. It sends information to https://www.eddb.io, https://www.edsm.net/ and https://coriolis.edcd.io/. Leave it running away in the back ground or as an overlay and you will contribute updates to the first 2 sites, it will also at the click of a button upload your current ship to Coriolis, so you can play about with the configuration / engineering. ED Engineer https://github.com/msarilar/EDEngineer Once you start engineering your ship this is the perfect helper. It will keep track of all your materials and data, it will show you which items you have the materials / data for currently and how many you can make, rough ideas where to obtain mats/data needed. You can customise the readout it in many ways like showing specific engineers, grades and even show you what you are missing for specific blueprints. ED Pathfinder https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1v39khrSj0OVURmSVpCV2diRjQ/view It is excellent for helping find those awkward to source engineer components. Unlike inara.cz this gives actual planetary coordinates along with installation maps. ED Discovery https://github.com/EDDiscovery/EDDiscovery/wiki Added thanks to ****, a fantastic tool for explorers or anyone who wants to keep a log of where they have visisted. Creates an overlay log that can be exported to excel or just searched from within the program itself using key words. The results give a nice time stamped list. Uploads to both EDDB and EDSM. This can either be done manually or automatically. So you can keep your newly discovered places to yourself until you are ready to hand to Stella Cartography; and have all those planets you have been 1st to visit tagged with you name. Voice Attack https://voiceattack.com/ Elite Dangerous has alot of binds, if you are struggling to remember them or do as I have just done and messed up my left shoulder so cant use a hotas for a bit, then this is ideal to assist. It takes a bit of setting up or you can use a pre-made plug-ins such as those available to buy from HCS Voice Packs or freely avaliable ones such as Elite Dangerous Voice Pack and simply shout commands at your computer. If you have an awkward accent like my Scouse accent then you may have to train windows a little by using the Windows Voice Recognition training tool. I should add that the free version is limited to 1 profile with 20 commands, if you want more the full version is a very reasonable $10. EDDI http://edcodex.info/?m=tools&entry=346 This was kindly suggested by ****** for inclusion. I have included it as a separate entry as although it can be used as a Voice Attack plug-in it can apparently also be used as a stand alone. It also integrates with EDSM to allow you to keep logs of your travels. Section 4Any Other StuffThis includes silly little tips you pick up whilst playing, the kind of stuff that has made me face palm when I have realised how dumb I was not to have thought of myself. Again please feel free to add and I will include in the list. KWS: This is the thing that really made me feel like an idiot. I would sit there scan with KWS and all the time being shot at by the annoying ship that had attacked me. I actually ditched it for a while due to this. I watched a video on youtube and saw the guy had his KWS bound to his primary fire button! No waiting around being attacked whilst you scan. Stellar Cartography: Unless you plan on taking the scenic route you can chose to plot the fastest route course. This is near the bottom of the 3rd tab in your universe map, it can literally take 20 jumps off your journey. Power Priority: So you have just bought a shiny new Vulture, A rated the the Power Plant have 2 nice large hard points but it still not enough power for them. You dont have access to engineers yet - then power management is your friend. On the right hand info screen, is a tab called moduals, from here you can do stuff like disable power to cargo hatch, put life support, and fsd on a lower priority than weapons, thrusters and stuff you actually use in combat. These will power down when you deploy hard points, and if you have to run away...just retract those hard points and the fsd etc will come back online. No Rebuy = No Fly: I cant emphasise this enough you buy your new ship, think nothing is going to happen, you're going to be fine whats the odds off dieing on a simple run...Well it does regularly happen you see people all the time on the main Ed forums whinging about this. So just dont risk it, just do a couple of extra trade runs in old ship or a few bounties and make sure all your hard work is not blown to smithereens. Become Allied: I used to hop about loads when I started to play, never staying one one place too long. This is a really dumb thing to do, find a system you like, maybe it has some rez zones to hunt in, or a decent trade route, even a faction you like. Just stick about do missions, as many as possible, the higher your standing with a faction the higher you are paid. The same is true for Combat / Exploration / Trade ranks. Dont be Afraid to Ask Been a Naughty Pilot and Picked up a Fine?: It happens to even the cleanest of players sometimes, this excellent flow chart suggested by Freiheit will help you ditch your record, be clean of bounty / fines etc and become a clean law abiding citizen - until next time: Yes this is not a 100% goto post but may answer some of the questions you may want to know. And in reference to a previous post i made this is valid as of 2.3 if it changes due to a update dont bitch and moan all this info and more is easily accessable through a search engine. Happy Hunting
  4. I have been heard on discord about people wanting to access this engineer and how easy it is and in response it is very simple and easy to do without having to silent run your ship in an attempt not to get scanned and below is the solution. Make sure your ship has a cargo space of 5 minimum Head to LHS 278 , Fossum Ring and purchase 5 Slaves Then here is five outposts all with blackmarkets access you can sell so simply sell one at each and there you go 5 blackmarkets used. Haokah - Revin Horizons G 107-65 - Brand Mines KUV 410-4 - Griffin Plant KUV 410-4 - Anderson Colony Exbeur - Haxel Enterprise There are many outposts with blackmarkets and the advantage of no scanning so if any of these for some strange reason do not work go to EDDB , stations tab and select pad size M and Has Facilites select blackmarket.
  5. Engineer - The Dweller and accessing him

    And if tht fails and you still are not carrying illegal cargo then just go to a station pick up a smuggling mission jump away from the station then abandon the mission and the cargo will stay in your hold to sell to any black market you want.
  6. Engineer - The Dweller and accessing him

    Correct as of 2.3 this no longer works as a viable thing so simply all you do is search USS for combat aftermath pick up the canisters (large spawn rate 1 in 3 usually) then sell at any blackmarket outpost or medium pad station. Also as of 2.3 the blackmarket finder does not work so simply use https://eddb.io/ select stations select dropdown for facilities and tag blackmarket then put in your reference system (where you currently are) then search. Anything carrying a L pad will be a large station so silent running/mail slot boost will have to be used the M pads are the outposts etc.
  7. Its a quite simple procedure all is required are : 1x Anaconda Tank spec 1x Ship with heal beams then the rest can reap the rewards Take the conda stow 2t of gold go to a haz res and just wait , make sure your heal beam ship is just within range and you will see the conda get flooded with ships then the rest of the wing can simply pick them off one by one , this is a working procedure and a fast way to cream credits easily. Good Hunting
  8. Its been spoke about for weeks and ues im sure the top brass need to process paperwork and responses etc but that doesnt mean we do not have officers/leadership here so who are they so i know who to aim my questions at ? for example new players being taken to a combat zone and trained in wings etc whos doing it who can do it and when will this likely to be done ? @KillikHiveMind @regenerate83
  9. ELITE DANGEROUS Leadership with ADK ?

    ok i will chat with u over the weekend. One issue is that your trying to push ED with ADK again but no player who is active at the moment is seeing anything unless ive got it wrong and have been winging up building ships and teaching players about the game on my own , yes maybe a time zone difference but thats why we have forums for this to tell other players that things are happening and not just leaving people to it when they need help within the game. I have limited time over the weekend due to my mercenary outfit with ED but will grab you if i see you .
  10. War in SAKTSAK

    Commanders A war in SAKTSAK has sparked out between our two rivals SAKTSAK LABOUR and SAKTSAK ORGANISATION so this is an ideal time to help us make one of there influences close to ours so we can start our own war to take another station in the system. SAKTSAK LABOUR is the ideal target as they control STEPHENSON HUB and is ideal for us to take this station from them in the future. This is a good time for any new players needing to rank up there combat rank and frderation rank to start doing this. Me personally wil be grinding this out till it ends this week if anyone else is interested in doing the same make sure you take and hand in the missions from STEPHENSON HUB relating to the war or even if you do not have any massacre combat missions hand the combat bonds into there too it all goes towards there influence. Good Hunting
  11. Engineer - The Dweller and accessing him

    cannot edit the main post for some reason however there has been some confusion from members about slaves and are illegal etc , all i will say is use your own intelligence as long as in the bottom right hand corner of the screen it says illicit cargo it will be fine to sell to a black market. also here is another black market finder tool https://spytec.github.io/ Good Hunting
  12. To all commanders Please find listed below a list of builds for new and players looking for a different type of ship that they have never tried and would like to know a build they can get the most out of. This list will be revised whenever i see fit or new relevant ships are added or modified by the dev team. Several notes you will need to be aware of - All builds will be to an A class standard so they will be the heaviest armed shielded and protected to the money that can be spent on them, this however doesnt mean to say you cant buy the ship without the total credits it says are required as i still roll around in a E class viper for bounty hunting and it is still an effective ship. All builds will have D rated life support , thrusters and sensors as specifically for the combat vessels for bang for buck usage any higher upgrades would be pointless to waste your money on until you are an experienced pilot to handle ships such as a fer de lance with a rated thrusters. All ships have a docking computer this is personal choice but for me it is a neccesity so upto you. These are all tried and tested builds over the years and all setup too be straight out of the box cookie cutter builds and now with the advance of engineering there are so many more possibilites for you to do with them. COMBAT LIST VIPER MKIII - 2,652,240 CR build cost 132,612 rebuy https://coriolis.edcd.io/outfit/viper?code=A2p5t8F5l8dasdf21b271824040429B4m52o24.AwRj4zyA.Aw19kA%3D%3D. VIPER MKIV - 5,812,900 CR build cost 290,645 rebuy https://coriolis.edcd.io/outfit/viper_mk_iv?code=A2patdFal8dasdf41b2718240404B32b2929m32o24.Iw18UA%3D%3D.Aw18UA%3D%3D. DIAMONDBACK SCOUT - 6,451,970 CR build cost 322,599 rebuy https://coriolis.edcd.io/outfit/diamondback?code=A2patdFal8das8f41b2718240404040042292t24.Iw1%2FkA%3D%3D.Aw1%2FkA%3D%3D. VULTURE - 16,523,470 CR build cost 826,174 rebuy https://coriolis.edcd.io/outfit/vulture?code=A2patiFalddksif31e1e04040600B22d2b2om124.AwRj4yKA.Aw1%2FkA%3D%3D. FEDERAL ASSAULT SHIP - 66,698,466 build cost 3,334,923 rebuy https://coriolis.edcd.io/outfit/federal_assault_ship?code=A2pktnFflndpsif41e7l1b7e04040400B22d2b2bm7292o24.Iw18aQ%3D%3D.Aw18aQ%3D%3D. FER DE LANCE - 125,675,810 build cost 6,433,791 rebuy https://coriolis.edcd.io/outfit/fer_de_lance?code=A2pktiFalidpsif37o7i7i7i7i040404040400B22bm72o24.Iw18aQ%3D%3D.Aw18aQ%3D%3D. MULTIROLE (to follow)
  13. SHIP BUILDS - Combat / Multirole Specs

    @RageCage this is my own personal fit i use for combat so you can rip it up and swap modules for cargo racks collector limpets and all tht jazz for cargo exploring etc. https://coriolis.edcd.io/outfit/python?code=A2pptkFflidussf57l7l7l1c1c04040400B12d2dm92d2b2t2924.Iw18eQ%3D%3D.Aw18eQ%3D%3D. Please note it is engineered - All multicannons have grade 5 OVERCHARGED /w INCENDARY, PULSE Turrets are set at long range so this means over 5.2k range attack rate so technically you have over 2k normally before they get into normal gun range to strip there shields and due to multicannons 4k std range your laffing , FSD Jump range improved , all shields boosted with extra juice , shields thermal modified hull kinetic modified , thrusters dirty drive tuned and the list goes on. @regenerate83 Will advise on engineers as and when i can but there is way too many guides and advice on the web for engineering and bare in mind i only started engineering in december myself so if you need anything ask on comms or simply google it.
  14. Welcome Commanders, So youve finally fitted that sweet dakka dakka to your ship but want to make this weapon chew through your enemy faster well not to fear multicannon engineer components are usually simple to get however the OVERCHARGED Grade 5 has caught your eye with one component being very difficult to get. Never fear MEF's can be a pain in the rear however here is a simple way to find and farm them. Opening up todd the blaster mcquinn is your first step. Equip your ship with a vehicle hanger and a scarab. Ive used SAKTSAK as the starter reference point and all systems and LY listed are from this as a start point. Kruger 60 - B1 - Ehrenfried Kegel Horizons 24 ly Kokary - 3 - Sawyer Beacon 28 ly 70 Ophiuchi - Richardson - Leckie's Claim 31 ly Wolf 397 - Trus Madi - Gibson Prospect 74 ly B2 Carinae - A5B - Alvarado Reach 92 ly Gabraceni - 7C - Ampere's Inheritance 94 ly Kagudi - AB4 - Spinrad Settlement 102 ly Imani - B4 - Qian Point 107 ly Gliese 900.1 - A11D - Hamilton Landing 142 ly Gender - A1 - Thollon Horizons 154 ly Wiknariu - 1F - Cheranovsky Stop 164 ly Ayu - 1D - Escobar Reach 184 ly Once you get to these bases park about 1-2km away just outside there alert zone and ED will scream at you saying in a restricted area so just get outside the zone and all will be fine. Land and jump in your scarab then take the route i post below to gurantee an easy successful run. Every circle within the green line run is a data point these have to be scanned in order for you to get the rewards , they are orange polls and as soon as you scan one it will start a timer so it may take you some practice to get it right everytime but do not fear if you run out of time its fine it just resets so you can do it again till completion. The last post can be awkward however the trick is to park right up against the wall as you can scan and see the pole through the wall and are able to scan easily. I will attach a link to a video of a commander doing it so you can see visually how easy it is but as MEF's are a very rare item they are not a guranteed drop everytime but after 1 week they reset so the base can be done again for more goodies. Video - Nrrdless to say MEF's are not the only thing required for these beasty cannon upgrades however the other two items ZIRCONIUM is a commonly found substance when mining or prospecting on planets and CONDUCTIVE POLYMERS are dropped from destroyed transport ships from combat aftermath USS or even if your feeling like a bit of piracy find a anarchy system and go hunt them (anarchy systems have no police that you need to worry about) or in alot of cases these days RES and conflict zones have type 9's in them. Engineering can be a pain and trust me MEF farming is also a ball ache however if like me you have a fully A class conda running all overcharged multicannons you will find it worth it. Good Hunting
  15. SHIP BUILDS - Combat / Multirole Specs

    @regenerate83 its upto you but in regards to a conda it is a multirole ship and i was not going to bost anything past the 150 million mark as really by then all commanders should be experienced with there own builds and feel for the game.
  16. Where are we going ?

    After recently seeing a rise in ADK members playing Elite Dangerous again and speaking to a few of the said people i was just wondering what is happening and what is the plan for going forward ? I ask as im one of the old skool members who has never stopped playing and or fighting for our minor faction within the game and going from how it was previously run i just wanted some comparison to see where the focus would be for the players within the group going forward.
  17. Where are we going ?

    fantastic exactly the same as its always been thats good to know thank you
  18. Where are we going ?

    Yes and no but i get where your coming from thanks
  19. attention new players

    Glad to see ED is alive and well back here count me in for some gaming
  20. Faction growth

    Do we have a active playerlist on this still i came bk after a year break and seems tht no one from the old skool players is still around would like to knw if its worth staying or moving to another group ???
  21. If there are still any hardcore players left in ADK then you may find this video amusing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bzyiXg0RjU All im going to say is THEEEEEEEEEEERE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRE
  22. yup the ED community is going mental over it so cnt wait for the future content now
  23. yeah i know only putting it here due to so many of you elite peeps are going to play it just wondering about what you think so far ? personally played it liked it just because graphically it is pretty damn fine and interactions dont suck like previous versions   and remember war never changes
  24. Is this game good?

    As ive said to multiple people since ive started playing this game many moons ago its like all other games it is purely what you make of it and what your expectations are. Yes space simulation is quite amazing , beautful graphics, instant playability, limited training needed to start with but as anyone who has started playing it can get addictive and sometimes grinding is something you can lose time doing quite easy. But as i say its entireply what you make of it we cannot unfortunately quote games like space engineers when they are totaaly different genre of game styles but out of the most recent over the past few yrs of space sim action games this in my opininion as a finished project is still the best. Yes i come from the original X universe games which in comparison is very similar in style and playability and in regards to star citizen i too am a backer (no its not a scam) and that too has real potential in comparison to this however what you have to remember its like comparing a sony playstation mark 1 with a PS4 devleopment changes all the time so yes star citize4n graphics/playability etc will be far more advanced than Elite but that is just because its only a newer game of the same ilk. Basically what me personally am trying to say is that i will always play elite mainly because i used to play the 1984 version so from a retro point of view i love it and can quite happyly jump on any of my accounts and play for anything up to 10-15 hrs straight but again each to there own i rate it a 10/10 for a game.
  25. cake seriously you picked a sidy to do it in what did you expect

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