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  1. server rep

    Same issue... No word from EA yet?
  2. Why am I using all my Processing power?

    Keep an eye on Malwarebytes and Windows Defender if you have either of them installed. I've had problems with them before spiking my CPU power up to 100% frequently on an older computer.
  3. Build me a PC

    You could check out Cyberware if you're open to buying a pre-built. I just got one about a week ago, and my friend just ordered his as well yesterday. Check my siggy if you're interested.

    I love tattoos. I just have a hard time finding the right piece to put on my body. I'm a very picky person.
  5. You are being hunted down for reasons unknown ...

    Well the last game I played is Counter Strike... There's no boss. Let's assume the boss is the best Counter Strike team in the world... Shit.
  6. What makes you smile?

    The new computer that I just got :)

    We need to know what motherboard you have to accurate determine which processors will be compatible... If you haven't built a computer before, you'll want to also replace the thermal paste as well. It would also be a good time to upgrade you CPU cooling if you have the desire to do so.
  8. Planning upgrade, should I pick DDR4 RAM

    Don't revolve your build around DDR4 RAM, because the improvements over DDR3 RAM are not significant enough to go through the extra money (on a motherbard), or effort really.
  9. what do you guys think of this?

    I enjoyed it. Nice editing. What software did you use?
  10. When You try to show off for your girl.

    Lmao. Now I'm considering being a cop just to do this... My goals are in order, wouldn't you agree?
  11. Every video game trailer ever

    100% accurate.
  12. Black ops 3

    The only thing I'm excited about is zombies, and a new Avenged Sevenfold singe (hopefully).
  13. Your fav MMO-RPG?

    Asheron's Call, but unfortunately it's last days may be coming soon.
  14. Hero's of the storm

    I did but haven't in a while. All the speculation that the game would explode and overtake League of Legends once it was officially released didn't turn out to be so true :/ 
  15. ADK Wins at Vegas.!!! (iRacing)

    Awesome race! Pretty cool that you rock an ADK paint scheme!

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